Adorn A Unique Fusion of Colours And Prints With L’zaba In Kochi

Everybody wishes for that one unique piece of clothing that screams “this is you!” and fits flawlessly. It’s got the perfect design to turn heads and is a limited edition. And this is what L’zaba, based out of Kochi, aims to fulfill through its clothing collection.

Launched nearly four years ago, Elzaba Ipe breathed life into the young brand with the sole motto of providing comfort with style. L’zaba sports a wide range of products including funky gender-neutral shirts, womenswear such as jumpsuits, jackets and shirts, menswear, kidswear, and so on. Promising comfort with its easy-breezy, relaxed fits, the brand is gender, age, and size-inclusive. The cotton-rich products are also made keeping the humid weather of the South in mind, offering a flowy, comfortable, and stylish fit.

What’s her story?

Elzaba found her true calling towards the end of 2018. Having completed her master’s, Elzaba shifted course from her corporate dreams to pursue her diploma in NIFT. It was here that the long-standing interest in starting a business began to sprout in the mind of the young business owner. What began as a friendly exchange of products quickly gained momentum as word spread and orders flowed in.

The small business took to social media and was initiated as a full-fledged brand in 2019 with limited collections. Currently, the brand has opened a physical store in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, with a wider range of products including bedsheets and home linen as well. 

L’zaba In Kochi

L’zaba’s products are largely produced from handwoven cotton and arrive in a variety of designs including hand block print and tie and dye among several others. Fabrics for the clothing are carefully picked by Elzaba herself from her travels across the country. “I travel every 2 to 3 months to different markets and handpick every fabric which we use,” shares the brand owner.

Every week, 3-4 fresh prints are launched by L’zaba to avoid the monotony of designs, serving a distinct and unique piece to each customer. Customers can also purchase co-ord sets as well as matching sets of outfits, be it for couples, families, bridal showers, bachelor parties, and more. As a measure towards zero wastage, L’zaba also recycles leftover bits of fabric to create journal covers, scrunchies, and fabric pouches, which are available in the store in Kochi. 

L’zaba In Kochi

L’zaba has opened the door to different business ventures since setting shop. Elzaba has represented her brand at various flea markets and was featured in the Vanitha magazine for her quirky clothing collection. The brand owner was also presented with the Red Shakthi award for women entrepreneurs by Red FM 93.5. 

What are the bestsellers?

L’zaba’s gender-neutral shirts that come with the perfect blend of strokes and spirals, dresses, and jackets are the customer’s favorites. “As prints are not repeated, people keep coming back for more,” says Elzaba.   

How can you reach out?

You can purchase from L’zaba through their online store on Instagram with the handle @l_zaba. You can also pay a visit to their store located in Panampilly Nagar. 

L’zaba In Kochi

Why should you check out L’zaba? 

Every piece of clothing by L’zaba is handpicked and created keeping comfort and style in mind. “All the pieces are limited edition. They cannot be found again and again. We try to bring in a lot of pieces and make it unique for everyone,” notes Elzaba. So head over to their social media and get your hands on their latest collection today!

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