Ma Halib Keepsakes: Preserving Memories With DNA Jewelry 

The idea of DNA keepsake jewelry may sound new to us. However, it has always been around for centuries. It can be traced back over 2000 years in Victorian Europe. Young soldiers would cut a lock of hair for their dear ones to remember them before leaving for war. Women preserved and adorned pieces of flowers, hair, and so on in pendants to commemorate the memory of a loved one. 

With DNA keepsake jewelry shops rising in number in India, Kerala too can now boast of its first-ever DNA keepsake artist. Thasleema P.N. launched Ma Halib Keepsakes only four months ago, and it has been turning heads faster than ever since. “Ma” stands for mother and “Halib”, derived from Arabic, translates to ‘milk’. The Thrissur-based brand is therefore specialized in making DNA keepsakes, primarily breastmilk jewelry. The umbilical cord, breastmilk, hair, teeth, and nails are preserved in lustrous pendants and rings to celebrate the first bond between parent and child. 

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Ma Halib Keepsakes: Preserving Memories With DNA Jewelry 

Her Story 

It was an Instagram reel that sparked the fire in Thasleema to start her own line of jewelry. Having a keen interest in resin pendants and earrings, she took to it a year later, introducing her twist of DNA keepsakes. 

Being new to the field, Thasleema had a rough time turning to experts for guidance. She reached out to keepsake artists from Chennai and Bangalore, but it proved in vain. After months of google research and continuous experimentation, a door to new opportunities opened up for the young mother. When unofficial orders by friends started to prove successful, Thasleema decided to start out as a brand. In July 2022, she launched Ma Halib Keepsakes as a business with the support and encouragement of her husband and friends. 

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Ma Halib Keepsakes: Preserving Memories With DNA Jewelry 

Despite strong positive responses from customers, Thasleema notes that the concept of DNA keepsake jewelry has also been viewed by some as an “impurity.” However, she remains unaffected by criticisms. 

“The first bond between the mother and the baby is through the umbilical cord. When the mother is not able to see her child for nine months, it is through the cord that she feeds and nourishes the baby. I have always found that to be something pure and that which can be preserved,” Thasleema notes. 

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Being a mother herself, Thasleema likes to go by the term ‘mompreneur’. Although finding the right balance between being a mother to her one-year-old son and an entrepreneur is no easy task, her passion for work drives the business forward. Currently, her frequent customers are young mothers who send over breastmilk, hair, umbilical cord and others to be preserved in pendants, earrings, rings, or coasters. Based on her clients’ requests, items for the jewelry are sourced from Jaipur, Mumbai, and the U.S. The jewelry pieces are also priced reasonably between Rs.1000-3000. 

What is the Bestsellers? 

The pendants by Ma Halib Keepsakes fall under the best-selling products. Among these, the baby foot pendant has been a customer favorite. The coasters are also favored by clients to store breastmilk, baby scan images, and so on. The products are made based on the customer’s requirements. “Every product differs per customer,” states Thasleem.

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Ma Halib Keepsakes: Preserving Memories With DNA Jewelry 

How can you reach out?

Ma Halib Keepsakes is available on both Instagram and Whatsapp. You can drop a message at @ma_halib_keepsakes or contact the business at the number 9641183612.

Why should you check out Ma Halib Keepsakes?

Not only is Ma Halib Keepsakes considered to be the first DNA keepsakes brand in Kerala, but also largely celebrates the joys of motherhood. If you are someone who likes the idea of preserving memories, you should definitely visit their Instagram page and get to know more! What better way to cherish a memory than through a ring or pendant that you can carry along anywhere?

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