The Banana Figs From Trader J Is A Unique Snack You Must Try

Banana is a commonly available fruit in Kerala. It’s a staple in most Malayali households and we all must’ve grown up eating it in some form or the other. Trader J is the brainchild of someone who revived a nostalgic flavour from her childhood. Read on to find out more about this small business that sells banana figs based in Nayarambalam, Ernakulam.

Banana Fig From Trader J Is A Unique Snack You Must Try

Nostalgic Flavors from Childhood

Neenamma Kurien, a practising structural engineer, started this venture by taking inspiration from a childhood favourite sweet. “I used to have this sweet at my grandmom’s home and absolutely loved it. We called it Ethappazham Onakkiyathu (sun-dried bananas). That taste lingered in my mind for years. 3-4 years ago, I bought something similar from a shop but they didn’t sell it regularly. So this craving gave birth to the business idea for Trader J,” recalls Neena.

She received basic training to produce banana figs from the ICAR-National Research Centre for Banana in Trichy. She returned to Kochi and started to experiment with a local variety of bananas. It took her two years to get the desired texture, smell, and taste. Finally, Trader J was officially launched in 2019.

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Neenamma Kurien

Organic and Delicious Banana Fig

They source bananas with geographical index from local farmers. It’s dried using a scientific method to retain the flavors and nutrients. Banana fig is chewy, sweet, and has a subtle smoky flavor. Since bananas are rich in potassium and fibre, this is an instant energy-giving snack with many health benefits. No preservatives or artificial flavoring is added. Due to this, it has a limited shelf life of up to one year. The products get their sweetness from the natural sugar in the bananas. This makes it a guilt-free and tasty snack you can binge on. When asked about why she named the products banana fig, Neena shares, “Many people confuse banana figs to have fig fruit in it. But we don’t use figs. Here fig refers to the dried form of the fruit.”

Banana Fig From Trader J Is A Unique Snack You Must Try
Banana Fig From Trader J Is A Unique Snack You Must Try

What you should order?

The products offered include Banana fig bits, Banana Vilayichathu, Banana fig, and Dried banana energy bar. You can place bulk orders or buy gift hampers for occasions.

Have it the way you like it!

Due to its unique flavor, banana fig is a great addition to different dishes. Add it to amp up your salads, cakes, puddings, pancakes, oats, or pair it with red meat.

Neena recalled an interesting dish one of her customers made. She enthusiastically shared, “It was a sweet samosa with our banana fig bits, mint leaves, and chocolate shavings served with a dollop of ice cream. That was an unlikely but delicious combination!”

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Banana Fig From Trader J Is A Unique Snack You Must Try


Neena was insistent on opting for eco-friendly packaging. The products are placed on palm leaf packets or paper boxes and plastic is avoided.

Delivery and Price Range

Delivery is available across India. The products are available on Amazon and in different outlets across the city.

To place your orders, you can call or Whatsapp on +91 9207700409 or check out Trader J‘s website.

The price range starts from INR 100 for 100gms. 250 gm packages are also available.

Check out Trader J for these mouth-watering delights. You’re sure to go ‘bananas’ over this delicious snack!

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