Artisanal Ice Cream In Kochi: Taste Luxury In a Jar

Ice creams are one of those instant mood uplifters. It brings a child-like glee even in grown-ups! Artisanal ice cream has many perks over commercial ones. It is preservative-free, produced in small batches, and offers a myriad of flavours. Shwey’s Gourmet is a Kochi-based ice cream shop that serves artisanal ice cream. Husband and wife duo, Abhner Pauly and Shwetha started it for their love of desserts. A scoop of their rich and creamy ice cream feels like a comforting hug!

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What’s their story?

“It all started during the lockdown when Abhner decided to bake a chocolate cake. But an excess of baking soda in the cake didn’t give the expected output. So he mixed it with cream and froze it. Delicious homemade ice cream was ready! Ice creams are one of the most underrated desserts. When we started our venture, we realised that making good quality and tasty ice cream isn’t rocket science!” shares Shwetha.

They got rave reviews from friends and family, which encouraged them to pursue this idea. There is no compromise on the quality of their products. No artificial flavours or preservatives are used. Ingredients like the fruit compote are made in-house and the cheese used in some of their bestsellers is also organic.

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What are some of the customer favorites?

Some of their best selling flavours include:

  • Bumpy Ride, a blissful combination of Belgian chocolate and marshmallows
  • Strawberry Swirl, the classic strawberry, and cream cheese duo
  • Coco Honey, a coconut and honey-based ice cream
  • Glee, a refreshing fusion of Raspberry and Mango
  • Ricotta Pista
  • Verve, a dark chocolate and orange peel combination suggested by one of their customers

They also have festive edits and savoury flavours like Mango-Jalapeno ice cream.

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Unique Packaging

You will be obsessing over the beautiful ceramic tubs even before tasting the ice cream! These are handcrafted by a Kochi-based artist. Apart from being an eco-friendly choice, it can also be reused as bakeware or a cute planter! They offer to buy back these containers on subsequent orders.

Delivery and Price Range

Their outlet is located in Kacheripady, Kochi. Delivery is only available in Kochi. The price range for a 120 ml jar starts from ₹350, for a 500 ml jar from ₹600, and for a 1000 ml jar from ₹1050. You can place your orders through Instagram or WhatsApp (+91-7558940001).

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If you’re looking for an indulgent dessert, then you must treat yourself to a jar of luscious artisanal ice cream from Shwey’s Gourmet!

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