Gourmet Delights: A Kochi-based Home Kitchen Serving Lip-smacking Food

Gourmet Delights by Sumaya, a Kochi-based home kitchen, has received a lot of love from Kochi foodies within a short period of time. Sumaya Suhaib, the founder of Gourmet Delights has always been passionate about experimenting with new dishes. She aims to serve healthy home-cooked meals through her food venture.

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When long-time passion meets reality

Sumaya is a person who started experimenting with new dishes from an early age. Her passion for cooking led her to explore new areas within it. “When I started to prepare new varieties of dishes for my family, they encouraged me to start a venture where I can put my passion to good use and serve a healthy home-cooked meal to a larger group of people,” shares Sumaya Suhaib, the founder of Gourmet Delights by Sumaya about the inspiration that motivated her to begin the venture. 

Gourmet Delights: A Kochi-based Home Kitchen Serving Lip-smacking Food

“I started taking orders around 5-6 years ago. But giving it the name ‘Gourmet Delights by Sumaya’ only last year. I started an Instagram page in October 2020, to showcase my love for food and hospitality to everyone. It’s been an exciting journey right from the beginning stages to the present. Each day has been a new learning experience for me, where I could evolve and grow with each passing day,” added Sumaya.

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Specialities of Gourmet Delights by Sumaya

Right from starters to desserts, the menu of Gourmet Delights is rich with a wide range of homemade food delicacies. Baked goodies which include different kinds of bread with a variety of fillings, Lasagna, mini pizza, and biriyani are some of Saumaya’s signature dishes. Another highlight of Gourmet Delight is its ready-to-fry snacks such as cutlets, spring rolls, samosas, nuggets, and chicken strips. The homemade ready to fry snacks are one of the best sellers at Gourmet Delights by Sumaya. 

Gourmet Delights
Gourmet Delights

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If you wish to enjoy the magical taste experience of Gourmet Delights by Sumaya or are just looking for great food places to order from in Kochi, you can place your orders through Instagram and WhatsApp (9995350584). You can either pick up your order or get them delivered to your home. Check out @gourmetdelights_bysumaya for more.

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