Let’s Eat Bakers: A Slice Of Heaven In A Cookie

The city of Kochi is well known for its array of cafes and food joints. Be it Fort Kochi or Panampilly Nagar, each boulevard and avenue is lined with eye-catching cafe’s delivering scrumptious food. Kochi undoubtedly houses some of the best patisseries in Kerala. Big or small, all of them attract customers of various kinds and are mostly in huge demand. Let’s Eat Bakers, a recent bakery start-up founded by six friends in Kochi, is definitely a top contender in the list of the best bakeries in the city. 

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Let's Eat Bakers: A Slice Of Heaven In A Cookie

The first outlet of the bakery was inaugurated in December at Panampilly Nagar, followed by outlets in Unnichira and Paravoor. The bakery, a first of its kind in town, specialises in cookies with over 50 varieties that they’ve developed themselves. They take pride in delivering high-quality cookies without the addition of preservatives, and hence, promising freshly baked yummy goodies. 

We offer free samples of cookies to every customer so they can make the right choice and prevent the wastage of cookies, says Jishad M, who works as a sales staff at the Panampilly Branch. 

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A Slice Of Heaven In A Cookie

The bakery is filled with different types of cookies catering to people of all ages and preferences, including gluten-free and healthy varieties. The red velvet, chocolate, bourn vita cookies and coconut macaroons are top picks among children and teenagers. Masala and Ragi cookies are huge favourites among adults.

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Apart from their heavenly cookies, Let’s Eat Bakers also have an indulgent pastry and snack lineup. The French Pastries here, are specially prepared by their chef who has been greatly acclaimed for his knowledge of the same. 

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