Diet Eat: Healthy Meals At Affordable Prices In Kochi

Healthy living is back in the limelight these days. While Covid-19 might have contributed to us giving more thought to our physical and mental fitness, the availability of fitness trackers and calorie counting apps had thinking about healthy diets long before the pandemic, right? But the issue with healthy living is that is quite expensive, especially if you plan to eat out. That’s the problem that Diet Eat solves. 

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Winner of the Food and Beverage Start-Up Award of the Year at Indywood Billionaires Club Start-Up Awards 2021, Diet Eat is a cafe in Kakkanad that provides delicious and healthy dishes at affordable prices. They are open from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM and have a wide range of healthy dishes to choose from.

Their menu includes traditional healthy dishes like puttu paired with various traditional protein-rich curry options. Their raagi puttu seems to be the favourite among traditional options. But no one seems to be able to agree on which salad is their favourite as they are all equally delicious, with the wide array of vegetables adding colour that makes them a treat to the eyes too.

They also have diet eat cupons that you can collect to get free meals or gifts or unexpected offers from DietEat Healthy Resto Cafe. Every time you order from them, online or offline, you can get their coupons.

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So if you are looking for healthy but affordable eating out option, do check out Diet Eat. You can place your orders from Diet Eat on both Zomato and Swiggy. You can also WhatsApp them.

Order from them, and let us know what you think of their healthy menu.

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