Made of Clay: Wearable Art For The Jewellery Lover In You 

Clay jewellery is in vogue and appears to be a favourite among youngsters and adults alike. Coming in a variety of sizes, designs, and a marvellous fusion of colours, Made of Clay is the small business to shop for aesthetic “wearable art”. The array of clay accessories handcrafted by Anusree S. radiates a floral, cottagecore style tinted with minimalistic hues. Eye-catching fruit studs, daffodils and pastel-hued peach hoops are only a few of Made of Clay’s exclusive range of polymer clay accessories

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What’s Her Story?

Being the owner of a business had been a dream for the 29-year-old since her childhood. Based in Thiruvananthapuram, Anusree had pursued her MBA and worked for a year, when a sudden realization struck that it was not where she truly wanted to be. “I felt that MBA is not the right career for me and one day I took a big step and quit my job.” 

Anusree S, founder of Made Of Clay

Anusree found her true calling upon encountering polymer clay a year ago. It was not only light on the ears but was also a durable alternative to traditional jewellery. With no sound knowledge in the field of art, Anusree often doubted if she could initiate and run her own business. However, Anusree’s dream came true with the birth of Made of Clay only seven months ago. What began as a hobby eventually opened the door of opportunities for her and her small business. Setting up stalls at flea markets helped Made of Clay gain more fame and recognition for its quirky accessories. The Happy Street flea market organized by Triangle company was the first flea market for the small business. 

At present, Made of Clay offers earrings and pendants handcrafted with highly versatile Polymer Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). “All the earring accessories are Nickel-Free and hypoallergenic which is suitable for sensitive ears. All the products including clay are imported to maintain their quality,” Anusree affirms. The small business also plans to launch a new line of products including hair accessories that you can stay tuned for.  

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What are the Bestsellers? 

Made of Clay’s floral designs and terrariums are in popular demand. The sunflower hoops that scream summer are also a customer favourite. 

How can you buy from Made of Clay?

You can get in touch through Made of Clay’s Instagram handle. Follow the small business on social media to stay up to date about upcoming flea markets. 

Why should you buy from Made of Clay?

What makes Made of Clay stand out is its wide range of designs. “I always try to bring a western design aesthetic to all the products,” says Anusree. So don’t stray too far! Head over to Made of Clay’s Instagram feed to get a glimpse of the best clay products that make a fashion statement as well as assure comfort on your skin.

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