Mannu: A Unique Place For Handmade Terracotta Jewellery

Handmade jewellery has a personalised essence that you wouldn’t find in store-bought jewellery. The blend of creativity and style, the time and effort behind its making, customization feature, etc. are some of the reasons that make handmade pieces of jewellery distinctive and special. Mannu is an exclusive place for handmade terracotta jewellery, from where you can purchase astonishing collections of jewellery that are close to the soul of nature. As the brand name Mannu (soil) suggests, the jewellery is made using clay, which is one of the major attractions of Mannu. Meera, the founder, associates with mother nature deeply. Therefore, she chose to work with clay, the simple, easily available, and versatile element, as the medium to make jewellery.

Mannu by Meera

The Story Behind Mannu

A few years ago, when Meera accompanied her mother to a jewellery shop in Kochi, she came across some beautiful terracotta jewellery that she wanted to buy. But it was expensive for her taste. So Meera’s mother urged her to make terracotta jewellery for herself. They bought the clay and Meera started to experiment with it by watching Youtube videos. And voila, Meera learned the art of making terracotta jewellery. This lead to the beginning of her brand Mannu.“Regular practice made me develop my skills to deal with the making process. I was doing my B. Arch course when I stumbled upon this art; the course helped me develop the designing process of my jewellery,” shares Meera.

Mannu by Meera
Meera, the founder of Mannu

The Making Process

From concept designing to packaging, the whole process of jewellery-making takes more than one week depending on the design. There’s a process that Meera follows to ensure that the end product is good. She brainstorms a concept, sketches it, finalises the colour combinations, moulds, dries, paints, polishes the clay, and packs it for the client. Since clay is very delicate, proper care and attention to detail are primary during each step of jewellery making. 

Mannu by Meera

What Makes Mannu Unique?

Today, you can find numerous places that sell terracotta jewellery. What makes Mannu unique, though, is the concepts used in the designs. Mannu’s special designs, associated with the culture and heritage of the place not only reflect beauty, but also the value of the art. Mannu’s amazing ornament collections consist of neckpieces, earrings, rings, keychains, and badges. As sustainability is one of the main aims of the brand, Meera provides vegetable seeds to her customers along with their orders. You can reach out to Mannu by Meera through Instagram and Facebook.

Meera’s passion for arts lead her to explore and experiment with her skillset. Now, Meera runs another venture called Unicorn along with Mannu. The brand Unicorn is focused on custom clothing and fashion wear. You can check it out at @_studiounicorn

Athul Madhav
A dancer, an aspiring actor, and a media enthusiast. My love for art made me a writer.


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