Tie The Bun: Where Comfort Comes First

When I come back home after a long day of work, the first thing I do is put my hair up in a bun. Untying my hair and putting it in a bun makes me feel relaxed and at ease. It gives a kind of a heavenly experience. I intend to provide such an experience through my line of clothing. And that was what prompted Cindrella Renji to weave the name of her small business – Tie The Bun.

One look at Tie The Bun’s wide range of clothing products is sufficient to draw one’s attention to the quirky hand block prints, summer-hued fabrics, and refined styles. The features assured by the Thrissur-based small business, however, do not end there. Cindrella ardently believes in putting comfort at the forefront, without even a slight compromise on the style of her products. With the tagline, ‘Comfort Comes First,’ Tie The Bun boasts a rich collection of comfort wear and loungewear, including kaftans, dresses, and palazzos. 

Tie The Bun: Where Comfort Comes First

Her Story 

When she is not co-managing her silver jewellery business – a brainchild shared along with her mother and sister – Cindrella is single-handedly leading her small business right from sourcing fabrics to coordinating and pattern designing. It was Cindrella’s sheer interest and curiosity in the field of the clothing industry that breathed life into her small business. 

Sharing grounds with several young businesses, Tie The Bun, too, saw its origin during the Covid lockdown. The small business was, initially, met with rocky roads upon setting shop. Having no prior experience in the business or fashion industry, Cindrella found herself in a dilemma when it came to buying fabrics and samples. After opening her store in May, Cindrella resorted to a 4-month break to study and analyze more about the industry. “I spoke with as many people as I could to understand their interests, the kind of styles they liked to comprehend exactly what they needed,” shares Cindrella. 

With the launch of Kaftan, Tie The Bun saw its rise to fame. Out of 100 pieces that were introduced that month, the store sold over 90 pieces. At present, the products are primarily pure cotton with both hand block and screen prints. Joining hands with Chennai-based brand Madras Fuse, it is significant to note that all the dresses of Tie The Bun are stitched by survivors of human trafficking. The small business slowly began to open the door for Cindrella to represent Tie The Bun at several exhibitions. A recent feat also includes a feature of the Kaftan collection in the summer edition of Vanitha magazine. 

“Had I let myself down at that point, then Tie The Bun would not have survived. Instead, I pushed myself and studied more about the industry,” Cindrella remarks. 

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What are the bestsellers?

Tie The Bun’s bestsellers include wrap dresses, kaftans, and night suits made of pure cotton and mul cotton. The addition of frills to the traditional, Western wrap dress showcases Cindrella’s personal touch, appealing to Indian buyers. 

How can you buy from Tie The Bun?

Tie The Bun’s products are only a click away! You can shop online through the website www.tiethebun.com or give a call at 9995722273. 

Why opt for Tie The Bun?

Through her small business, Cindrella Renji seeks to redefine loungewear and emphasize comfort and sustainability. “Many people would think that loungewear is just to wear at home and to the bed, but I am on a mission to make stunning lounge dresses and staycation outfits in exceptional quality and at affordable pricing.” So why wait longer? If classy and comfortable clothing at pocket-friendly prices gets you enthused, then Tie The Bun is just the place for you!

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