Moka Beauty Works – The Skincare Brand In Kerala Serving Jars Of Trust

Today the skincare industry is brimming with unlimited products. Being surrounded by a sea of options, one may feel overwhelmed about where to begin or how to find what caters to one’s skin. And this is what Kavya Kadampully and Monica Alankar aim to resolve through MoKa Beauty Works. “The name is in MoKa itself. It’s Mo for Monica and Ka in Kavya,” they share.

Handmade from natural ingredients, MoKa presents a wide range of face and body care products including soaps, body scrubs, lip balms, and much more, that are suitable for all skin types. Scrolling through their Instagram feed, I can almost imagine the cool citrusy fragrance of lemons and the sweet scent of jasmine in the products. Expect MoKa to leave you feeling refreshed!

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Moka Beauty Works: Serving Jars Of Trust
Founders of Moka Beauty Works

Their Story

The duo launched their Trivandrum-based business following their final year of PGDM in 2019. Having experimented with making coconut lip scrubs and body scrubs, the idea of starting a business was born amid a “boring” lecture. MoKa, eventually, set up a stall as a brand for the first time a few months later at a flea market organized by All Things Bright. “It was a huge hit. We were fully sold out and we had to take orders. We were absolutely thrilled with the responses we got. That was when the both of us were sure we definitely needed to go ahead with this.”

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MoKa’s products are largely inspired by traditional skincare routines. “Both of us have been into skincare. Very basic skincare, much like what our grandmothers or mothers have told us.” Coconut oil and other by-products of coconut are constant ingredients in their products. Soaps also come with different contents such as Apple Cider Vinegar or farm-fed goat milk. 

Since opening the shop, MoKa has had new ventures. Through various flea markets, the small business has grown to be popular with its handmade and natural products. Although Kavya and Monica have pursued different career paths, MoKa continues to remain their primary priority. 

The Bestsellers At Moka Beauty Works

Among the soaps, Honey and Oatmeal and Goatmilk bars are customer favorites. The Ochre Spell lip scrub, Cinnamon lip scrub for smokers, Tushie Tushie Booty scrub, and Bean Affair body scrubs are also all-time favorites. 

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Moka Beauty Works: Serving Jars Of Trust

How Can You Buy From MoKa Beauty Works?

You can reach out to them through their Instagram handle. You can also contact MoKa at 9539088355. The duo is also in talks of launching a physical store in Trivandrum, which you can stay tuned for.

Why Opt for MoKa?

No matter whether you follow a 7-step skincare routine or none at all, MoKa is your best choice for a fresh, chemical-free experience. MoKa is a great place to start with – it’s simple, natural and trustworthy,” shares Kavya. “Anyone and everyone who is not even into skincare routines can give it a try. It’s a jar of trust that we serve. At the end of the day that’s what matters,” says Monica. So head over to their Instagram page and get your hands on MoKa’s handmade beauties!

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