Make A Fashion Statement With These Handmade Tassel Jewellery By Croodsnation

When a group of student architects joined hands to help raise funds amid the Kerala floods in 2018, little did they know that they would soon grow to be a small business months later. Managed and run by four friends – Sarah, Christy, Anagha, and Aleesha – Croodsnation brings affordable handmade accessories to the stylish youth. The Trivandrum-based brand sells a wide variety of tassel, clay, and macrame jewellery with the assurance of sporting elegance with ease. 

What’s their Story? 

Formerly an eight-member group, Croodsnation derived its name from the popular animated movie, The Croods. The small business saw its roots in 2018 when the college set up an art exhibition as part of a fundraising program for those affected by the Kerala Floods. “A few of us wanted to do something different other than painting and drawing. So, we decided to make tassel keychains and charms. That’s where we initially started. We did not have a name or anything. A few months later, when our college fest took place, we planned to do the same thing again, but as a brand, this time,” speaks Sarah.

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Founders of Croodsnation: Sarah, Christy, Anagha, and Aleesha

Croodsnation presented itself as a business with its first stall in college displaying nearly 50 products. Since then, the brand has had small ventures by setting up stalls selling primarily tassel jewellery in other college fests, including Dhwani CET. Putting up shop at the Olam Festival in 2019 and the Kaineetam fest during the pandemic further helped Croodsnation thrive as a small business. At present, the four friends run the business, right from making the products to marketing them on social media. “We are very satisfied with how far we’ve come,” Sarah notes. 

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What are the Bestsellers?

Croodnation’s aesthetic anklets and earthy-toned macrame, tassel, and clay earrings are the hot-sellers.   

How can you buy from Croodsnation?

You can reach out to them through their Instagram handle. Follow them on social media to get more news on Croodsnation’s upcoming stalls! 

Why should you check out Croodsnation? 

Croodsnation offers pocket-friendly authentic products that also make a fashion statement. “Macrame, clay and tassel earrings and keychains are not common in stores. Our products are very distinct that way and not as expensive as one would expect them to be,” says Sarah. So check out Croodsnation’s handmade accessories and shawls and get your hands on their products today!

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