Add That Pop Of Color To Your Wardrobe With Niram 

Eccentric. Messy. Exuberant. These are the terms that come to mind when I think of the word ‘niram.’ However, Chris Varghese Vinu and Anamika Estel saw a different meaning to it. 

Niram shop, launched by the young duo nearly six months ago, showcases a rich clothing collection with a variety of soft and dark-hued aesthetic designs. Be it a subtle black embroidered shirt, or one with a loud fusion of colors, Niram has got you covered!

What’s Their Story? 

Behind the scenes, Chris is a chef and Anamika is in pursuit of her law degree. The Ernakulam-based small business came to life from the duo’s passion for starting a business and a common interest in the clothing industry. Their objective through the small business is to sell gender-neutral and size-inclusive shirts for all. “We have always seen plus size people struggling to get clothes in their size. So we customize our shirts to all sizes,” quotes the pair. 

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The charm of Niram, however, does not end with its classy block print shirts. The clothing collective also offers a range of handpicked crockeries, home decor, and recycled handmade notebooks. Chris and Anamika travel across the country to pick out the best products for their customers.

“We named our brand “niram” because we plan on constantly diversifying our business.  We keep introducing new products to our brand. We started the brand with just gender-neutral shirts. But now we have introduced home decor and crockeries. Similarly, we have more plans for the future. So the name “niram” seemed perfect for the wide range of colorful products we intend to include in our brand,” Niram states.  

Since opening the shop, Niram has made noteworthy ventures. The brand has represented itself in various flea markets including ‘The Happy Street’ flea market organized by the Triangle Company, ‘Utopia Dystopia’, and ‘Elan 3.0’ by All Things Bright. “We try to put up our stall at least once every month in flea markets/ exhibitions. These events really help our brand reach more customers,” the duo note.  

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What Are The Customer Favorites?

Niram’s gender-neutral kalamkari and ajrak shirt are their bestsellers. The eye-catching swish and swirl of colors make their collections a must-have.

How Can You Buy From Niram?

You can place your orders by dropping a message on their Instagram handle. A look through their colorful feed will definitely draw your attention to their clothing line. 

Why Should You Check Out Niram?

Niram intends to create a colorful world for all. With its naturally-dyed, gender-neutral clothing, recycled books and home decor, the small business assures the much-needed pop of color to your world and wardrobe. So, head over to their social media and check out their vibrant collections right away!

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