Block 5 in Kottayam is the Restobar you’ve been Waiting for

Welcome to Kottayam’s hippest hideaway, where the cocktails are as vivacious as the beats, and the mood is as wild as your taste recognizes! Block 5 is your ticket to a world of delicious cuisines and fabulous fun, nestled within the chic walls of The Grand Ambassador Hotel in Kottayam. It’s like a full immersion into unusual experiences. Let’s get into the vibrant details that make Block5 the very essence of unforgettable nights.

Sensorial Bliss: Ambiance Extravaganza

When you enter Block 5, you are greeted with a burst of energy. Neon lighting, modern, chic-style furniture, and an upbeat yet welcome vibe. The dance floor calls out, and the bustling beats, along with people’s cheerful chatter, create a symphony of ecstatic vibes. Block 5 is far from just a bar; it’s an eye-catching treat where every corner exudes an effort to craft a lively, exciting atmosphere.

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Must-Try Magic: Brace yourself for a taste explosion

Our mixologists are cocktail masters, fusing local tastes with an international flair. Start your evening with the “Kottayam Kick,” a fiery blend of native spices and tropical fruits. Are you feeling adventurous? Dive into the “Grand Gala,” an exotic liqueur mash-up that will have all of your senses dancing. The Block5 menu is a treasure trove of mixology marvels. Every taste of the “Karimeen Kicker,” a colourful combination of coastal spices and tropical tang, takes you to the backwaters.

Budget-Friendly Bliss: Prices that Make You Cheer

There’s a drink for every person, from pint beers to extravagant cocktails. At Block 5, pleasure spreads without causing a dent in your wallet. The drink menu has a tantalizing range that caters to every budget while ensuring that quality is indispensable. Block 5 offers a broad assortment to suit every palate and budget, converting the night’s indulgence into an absolute blast.

Sunset Sips to Midnight Revelry: Perfect Timing

Block 5’s working hours mirror the idea of making every moment matter. The location appeals to early birds seeking laid-back sunset drinks and night owls ready to conquer the dance floor from dusk till the stars bid their adieu. Every hour becomes a delightful one with the addition of daily happy hours.

Because ordinary is overrated 

For exclusive events, keep an eye on our schedule on Instagram for themed evenings, live performances, and guest DJ sets that will make your night out unforgettable. Every day is a celebration at Block 5.


 So your night at Block 5 is more than merely a memory; it’s a tale to be remembered. With our Instagram-worthy cocktails and aesthetics, you can capture and share an unforgettable night. Tag us and tell the world where the celebration is!

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Block 5 at The Grand Ambassador Hotel in Kottayam serves as more than a bar; it’s a way of life. Join the ranks of the daring, adventurous, and fun-loving. Because there are no boring drinks on our side of town – only amazing evenings ready to happen! 

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