This Home Baker from Thrissur is Making us Love Desserts all over Again

Are you a person who believes that life is too short to say no to calories and cake? If yes, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on Delicatesse, run by Tessa, a home baker from Thrissur. This homerun dessert shop is known for its mouth-watering dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. But what sets Tessa’s Delicatesse apart is the irresistible aroma that wafts out every time you open her box of desserts. Tessa, a former audit associate with an degree, has truly found her calling in baking the most heavenly cakes and tarts you’ll ever taste. Don’t believe me? You’ll have to try them for yourself.

This Home Baker from Thrissur is Making us Love Desserts all over Again

Baking has always been Tessa’s passion. Perhaps it was this realization that led her to pursue her passion and leave behind her corporate career. Tessa’s unique brigadeiros and tiramisu have paved her way into the world of baking. Like many passionate adults, she has relied on YouTube to help her on her journey. Tessa is a self-taught home baker who is now exploring ways to create mouthwatering delicacies.

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Tessa knows that sourcing the best ingredients is key to creating the perfect baked goods. However, when she started out, the limited resources in her hometown of Thrissur made her journey all the more challenging. She had to travel to nearby cities like Ernakulam to find the premium quality products she needed. But, with perseverance and time, Thrissur has now stepped up its game and provides bakers like Tessa with everything they need to create the most delicious treats. And let’s be honest, baking is not all fun and games – cleaning up can be quite a daunting task. Luckily, Tessa has her mother’s unwavering support and assistance, making the whole process a lot easier. Together, they are a baking dream team!

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If you’re a dessert lover, you should definitely give a try to the delicious tarts made by her. Some of her specialities include pistachio white chocolate tart, milk chocolate, hazelnut praline tart, and salted caramel and chocolate tart. The Brownie bit with chocolate and hazelnut praline dip is also a must-try, as well as the Tiramisu, New York Cheesecake, Ferrero Rocher cake, and Torta Caprese. Once you try her desserts, you’ll surely become a regular customer.

Delicatesse is a dream. You can rest assured that the best in town will be served to you and that it is never too late to follow your heart. The path from what you’re supposed to do to what you love to do is not far away.

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