Femina Javed’s Amy’s Oven Is The Epitome Of Realistic Cakes

Be it a last-minute cake plan or a planned event celebration, Femina Javed’s “Amy’s Oven” is ready with artfully curated yumminess. Being a pastry maker appears to be a nice job from the outside. But there’s a lot to like about a passion like this. From inventing and testing new and imaginative dessert recipes to sampling some of the world’s finest food, confections, and sweets, there is much to love about a gig like this.

Femina Javed’s Amy’s Oven is a home baking business that specializes in theme cakes. Aside from the aesthetics, the customers love the quality and taste of her baked goods. She uses hand-picked premium quality ingredients for her cakes. 

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A doctor by profession, Femina first started her journey into baking a few years back when she was pregnant with her son. She had to rest during the time and had nothing to do. During the break from her busy professional life, she says “ Since I was feeling low, I started baking and I gave a few of my baked goodies to my relatives and my friends. They ended up liking it and suggested that I try creating a home baking business. Hence, after a few months, I started Amy’s Oven.”

Femina Javed's Amy's Oven Is The Epitome Of Realistic Cakes

But it’s not all fondant, sweets, and icings – make no mistake, this is a rigorous, demanding job that only those who are committed to the art can survive and prosper in.

When you go through her Instagram page, you can see unrealistic cake designs which looks like a scene from a fantasy movie. This is her actual genre of baking. She bakes cakes inspired by movies like Harry Potter, Spiderman and games like Grand theft auto, Fortnight etc. Give her an idea, voila, she will bring it out on the cake. 

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Femina Javed's Amy's Oven Is The Epitome Of Realistic Cakes

Her inspiration is Elena Gnut, a pastry chef from Russia, who is famous for her original intricate cake designs. Femina finds ideas for baking from Pinterest and most interestingly, from her daily life. She once baked a cake inspired by a design she saw in a relative’s dining room showpiece. And another time, impressed by a comic book image. 

So how long does it take to bake such magnificent cakes? Femina says, “Baking only takes a few hours. Decorating the cake is time-consuming. Sometimes it takes just an hour or 2 and other times a lot. I sat a whole night to finish the Harry Potter inspired cake.”

Femina Javed’s Amy’s Oven has achieved recognition on various platforms. She got featured twice in Fondbites Magazine. She had won a competition and achieved the Merit award for her baking. Many participated, only seven out of them got the award, and one of them is Femina Javed. Many international pages have also featured her in their stories. 

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Realistic Cakes

“Baking is a passion-filled job with ideas and messy works. I haven’t attended any baking classes. All that I am today is by watching many videos and gaining inspiration around me. So if you have immense love and interest for what you do, you can achieve anything in life.” – she concludes. 

You can get your customised cakes by dropping a message on her Instagram page – https://www.instagram.com/amysoven_by_feminajaved/. She is also available on Facebook.

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