Cafes In Varkala With The Best View And Great Ambiance

Varkala may be known for its pristine beaches and surfing schools, but cafes have become hotspots too. From iconic and Insta-worthy cafes to ones with stunning views, Varkala has everything to offer to its visitors. Here are a few cafes in Varkala with the best views to offer.

Cafe Trip Is Life

Trip Is Life is known for its A-frame luxury homestay with a panoramic view of the ocean. It’s definitely one of the costliest properties in Varkala to stay at. Even if you’re not planning to book your stay at Trip Is Life, you can always check out their cafe. What makes this cafe really intimate is the oceanfront view. To have a meal on the edge of the cliff while facing the calm Arabian ocean is a different vibe altogether. They even have steps to access the beach. You must try their seafood delicacies when you visit. There is simply no other way of spending a day with your family, friends, or partner while indulging in some appetizing foods and embracing the breeze from the ocean.

Tickety Boo

Tickety Boo is a hidden gem in Varkala. Unlike the other cafes in Varkala, this one is known for its North and South Indian cuisine, especially its Mysore masala dosa, parathas, and kulhad chai. The whole combination of a shack-dabha ambiance is charming and glamorous. Surrounded by lines of plants, the cafe is slowly becoming the new favorite spot to meet friends, have hot chai and crispy dosas. Do note that they are open from 7 AM to 6 PM only.

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InDa Cafe

Located on the premises of InDa Hotel (Another homely stay in Varkala), InDa Cafe has a very home-style European ambiance to it. The cafe overlooks a landscaped garden with exotic plants and a lounge area with customized seating that is made from recycled fishing boats from Kerala. The place is known for its breakfast menu featuring pancakes, seasonal fresh fruits, smoothies, Turkish-style coffee, and homemade masala chai. Aesthetically furnished and decorated, this cafe is a treat to both our eyes and taste buds.

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Caffe Italiano

This list of cafes in Varkala with a view would be incomplete without mentioning Caffe Italiano. The beach view from this cafe is pure bliss. It almost feels like you’re in a Goa. Since it is an iconic cafe in Varkala, expect a waiting line. Even though it is an Italian restaurant, they also have options for Indian and Chinese food items. The food is simple, there’s nothing special about it. Just that, visitors head there for the view, hippy ambiance, and to just chill.

We’re sure there are more, do list them in the comments below. We’d love to know your favorite cafes in Varkala.

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