This Resort In Varkala Has A Private Beach And It’s Worth The Visit

Varkala in Trivandrum is known for its pristine beaches, delicious seafood, surfing opportunities, and stays with stunning views. There are many interesting things you can do in Varkala during your stay, including learning to surf. So if you are scouring for a place to experience Varkala in its prime, we found a magical resort that will blow your minds and your Instagram feed.

Say Hello To Miracle By The Bay

Miracle By The Bay, a beach resort in Varkala, is the perfect weekend getaway. It is located right on the beachfront in Odayam, Varkala. What’s special about this resort is that it offers its guests private beach access. There’s a cute doorway surrounded by a white fence that opens to the beach. An iconic spot in Varkala, many visitors claim.

Self-owned and managed by Sunil Sharma, Miracle By The Bay is not just another resort, rather, it’s nurtured with a beautiful view of the beach. All of their nine rooms have unobstructed access to the beach view.

What’s So Special About This Resort In Varkala?

If you’re a beach lover, you will not want to leave the property. More than a luxury offering, Miracle By The Bay promises an intimate environment. The food, hospitality, sunset, and beach access make it the perfect place to unwind. They also have a summer terrace and a library.

There are loads of activities to keep you occupied and to get your adrenaline pumping, from kayaking, painting to yoga and fishing. You can also indulge in their traditional ayurvedic treatments and massages that they can arrange for you separately. If you’d prefer a quiet evening, though, we suggest you laze around in their hammock or take a stroll by the beach.

They also welcome pets, which we personally think is a plus. So bring your furry animals to Varkala without thinking twice.

For The Foodies

Speaking about the food, they only serve breakfast between 8:30 am to 12 pm. However, they can arrange it early if you put in a request. All we can say is that you will be happy with the scrumptious meal that they serve.

What are you waiting for? Do check out this resort in Varkala and have a beautiful stay.

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