This A-frame Glass Homestay In Varkala Overlooks The Sea

Would you believe us if we said that we found the best homestay for couples in Varkala? The place that we’re about to explore is one of the top-rated homestays in the location. It’s sexy, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind. The A-frame glass homestay in Varkala has to be the most romantic getaway you can come across. Hosted by Deepak and Mithun, Trip is Life is a must-visit for the picturesque view and gorgeous design of the homestay. Here’s why you should check this place out.

The Glass A-Frame Structure

Have you wondered what it feels like to live in a house that is triangle-shaped? You can experience it in the A-frame glass homestay in Varkala. As you enter, you will see two sofas on either side of the structure and a queen-sized bed in the middle. Now, I want you to imagine lying on the bed looking at the sunset and the golden hour reflecting on the waters. Beautiful, isn’t it? You feel like you’re one with nature. And if you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of the full moon.

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This A-frame Glass Homestay In Varkala Overlooks The Sea

The bathroom is yet another unique aspect of the place. They have an open shower and toilet area that will make you feel like you’re part of the natural surrounding.

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This A-frame Glass Homestay In Varkala Overlooks The Sea

The Sexy View

This cabin is located on a cliff in a secluded area in Varkala. Trip in Life opens to the sea where you will be welcomed with a panoramic view of the stunning blue waters. So it will just be you and the sea. They also have a hammock that can come in handy if you’re a sucker for views. Don’t blame us if you get transported to a magical world because that’s exactly what’s going to happen. This homestay is the perfect indulgent escape that you have been looking for.

This A-frame Glass Homestay In Varkala Overlooks The Sea

Breakfast Included

Note that this place does not have a kitchen that you can access. However, breakfast is on the house. Word is that the hosts have some great cooking skills. So you will be fed till you are satisfied (which you will be).

A day at Trip in Life will cost you around ₹14,000, but hey, it’s worth every buck.

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