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When I'm not working or sleeping, I'm mostly observing people and making notes on my phone for content. (Hope to be) Your go-to man for laughs, good music and useless trivia around movies.

Decoding the Enigmatic Journey of Motherjane

How many of you know that it was a band from Kerala that opened for Megadeth and Machine Head - arguably the...
Street Academics

Uncovering The Genius Of Street Academics

For the longest time, rap wasn't really a thing in Kerala. In fact, the first time most Malayalis may have heard bits...
Learnings From Aaraattu

Learnings From Aaraattu & The Art Of Entertaining Hardcore Fans

As the end credits of Aaraattu rolled, I had only one thought: this could've been a brilliant film.  Okay,...
Every Santhosh Pandit Film, Ranked

Every Santhosh Pandit Film, Ranked

If you want to dive straight into the ranking of Santhosh Pandit films, feel free to skip the following text box and...
Stand-up Sets By Malayalis

Stand-up Sets By Malayalis You Must Check Out

Are you bored? Then, you should watch these stand-up sets by Malayalis that will make you ROFL! We cried our eyes out...

Bhoothakaalam: Shane Nigam Is Back With A Layered Supernatural Thriller

Bhoothakaalam review: 4.25/5 I was mindlessly scrolling through YouTube last week when I chanced upon a trailer recommendation: that...
Things Malayalam Films Taught Us About The Future Of The Entertainment Business

Things Malayalam Films Taught Us About The Future Of The Entertainment Business

After a dismal 2020, there were questions of whether Malayalam cinema (and cinema in general) would ever find its way back to...
Minnal Murali and Maanadu

What Minnal Murali and Maanadu Did Right In The Second Half

What makes a film engaging? This is quite a broad question, which can be answered from multiple angles (do comment your thoughts on...
Cognitive Biases

Cognitive Biases Explained Via Malayalam Movie Characters

As human beings, we are constantly making decisions and taking actions that somewhere have an impact on the social, economic and cultural...
Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham Movie

Decoding the ‘Absurdity’ of Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham Movie

Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham movie released on November 12 on Disney+ Hotstar Multiplex. It was Nivin Pauly's first release in over two years...