Nisarga Art Hub, Where Architecture Dances with Skylights

In the heart of Ernakulam, Kerala, where traditional “Kerala Roofs” formerly loomed as quiet guardians of the horizon, a new architectural work of art has evolved, transforming a family’s dream into an exciting reality. The Nisarga Art Hub, a result of Wallmakers’ creative brains, is far more than a structure; it’s a melody, a celebration of spaces where the art of architecture meets the art of culture.

A Roaring Roof Concerto

Envision a roof that serves as both a shelter and a huge amphitheatre, with skylights serving as both a spotlight and audience seating. The Nisarga Art Hub, a 2,557-square-foot structure, is a real homage to the idea that architecture is more than just walls; it is an intricate interaction with the environment.

Its design, inspired by traditional Kerala Roofs, rises next to a paddy field, evoking a time when similar roofs dominated the region. Vinu Daniel, creator and founder of Wallmakers, explains, “Even though these traditional roofs are famous for being the ideal insulators and temperature regulators, it’s a waning feature in contemporary architecture today, simply because the darkness it brings is not suited to the modern man’s comfort and aesthetics.” As an outcome, the roof, constructed at a 35° slant, becomes the story’s hero, allowing light to flood in while preserving its temperature.

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Nisarga Art Hub, Where Architecture Dances with Skylights

Skylights as Seating, Pools as Stages

Wallmakers’ architects design experiences as opposed to just structures. The skylights, which are properly slanted at 35° to match the angle of the Open Air Amphitheatre, serve a dual purpose by filling the room with natural light while additionally functioning as audience seats. The roof, which is more than just a cover, transforms into a stage, with wooden planks gently arching over a swimming pool, offering a stunning platform for open-air performances for up to 80 people.

Nisarga Art Hub, Where Architecture Dances with Skylights

But Nisarga Art Hub is not solely a visual masterpiece; it’s really about the acoustics. The two-story hub holds a recording studio with a four-meter cantilever that defies gravity. The walls, built with Wallmakers’ proprietary Shuttered Waste Wall Technique, rise as sturdy harmonies from the site’s building demolition debris and soil. Every component in this architectural piece has a purpose, contributing to the hub’s fluid functionality.

Where Walls Breathe and Verandahs merge seamlessly

The Nisarga Art Hub isn’t restricted to its confines. Like I said, it’s a conversation between architecture and nature. The walls, which are strong and long-lasting, are made of detritus and dirt, a return gift to repurposing whatever land supplies. The verandah is made of reclaimed laterite blocks and fragments of demolished structures, bringing back the nostalgia of traditional Kerala homes. The guest rooms, shielded from the afternoon sun by abandoned racks turned grills, receive a veil of creepers, creating a visual play of light and shadow.

Nisarga Art Hub, Where Architecture Dances with Skylights

The thoughts behind the Architectural charm

The architect virtuoso Vinu Daniel says the structure was “designed like music – where the pauses between the notes are more important than the notes themselves.” Nisarga Art Hub is beyond a physical location or structure; it’s a montage of empty spaces where the absence speaks eloquently. It’s an ode to the in-between moments, the silences that resonate with the essence of architecture.

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An enriching community experience

The Nisarga Art Hub is more like a cultural refuge where people may gather for art and cultural activities. It’s a celebration of Kerala’s traditional culture as well as a modern reflection of the past. The skylights shine as the sunsets above Kochi, allowing a soothing glow over the amphitheatre. The Nisarga Art Hub also aims to be a living, breathing tribute to the beautiful marriage of architecture, culture, and environment in Kerala’s colourful landscapes.

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