Treehouse Resorts In Kerala That’s Worth Your Money

We’ve all been fascinated by how casual ‘Treehouses’ gets mentioned every now and then in many Hollywood movies. Treehouses were initially created to get children to play outside in the vicinity of nature. But now, it’s become a trend in the tourism sector, and many destinations have it to cater to the Treehouse fanatics. If you’re one of them, you might want to check out our list of Treehouse resorts in Kerala with breathtaking views.

Vythiri Resort

Imagine a Treehouse canopied in a rainforest? That’s what Vythiri resort promises. This treehouse is built with locally sourced materials. For instance, the entire structure is made out of bamboos. What’s even better is that they depend on solar energy to run the place. We suggest you travel light because it will be easier to transport your luggage up top.

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Rainforest Resort

You don’t have to go all the way to Wayanad or Munnar to stay at a Treehouse resort. There’s a beautiful one located in Chalakudy called the Rainforest Resort. The best part about staying here is that it overlooks Kerala’s largest waterfall, Athirapally waterfall. The breathtaking view of the lush valley with the waterfall is a treat to the eyes. The resort also comes with a waterfall-facing swimming pool, in case you wish to unwind and enjoy the mountain air.

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Tranquil Resort

Tranquil Resort in Wayanad is a colonial-era plantation resort, surrounded by a 126-year-old coffee and spices plantation. So yes, you can get your hands on some good coffee while basking in the serenity of the vast landscape and discovering nature like never before. Ajay and Nisha, the hosts at Tranquil Resort will give you an experience of a lifetime.

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Minivet Clifftop Treehouse

Tucked away from the noise, in the Nilgiri Shola forest, lies a rustic treehouse with traditional features. Situated at Meppadi, Wayanad, Minivet Treehouse is a dream come true for nature enthusiasts. Apart from the beautiful plantations, you might also catch a glimpse of fireflies mingling in the night. The spacious room comes with a common verandah and a balcony.

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Noah’s Nest Tree House

Featuring an amazing view of the Periyar river, Noah’s Nest treehouse comes with a bedroom, balcony, and even a BBQ station. It’s a hidden affordable gem located in Vandiperiyar. Guests staying here will have no access to the kitchen, TV, and air conditioning. So, it’s just you, nature, and Wi-fi to keep you company. Plus, if you loved the experience, you’re even allowed to stay for 28 days. The hosts Divya and Abraham are very helpful and will treat you to a memorable adventure.

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Coorg Tree House

This is one of the best treehouse resorts in Kerala. Look at it, would you? This architectural beaut is completely built with Red Cedar Wood. Located 2.5 KMS from Madikeri city, this property comes with twin bedrooms, each with private bathrooms. There are even allotted areas for a bonfire and candlelight dinner. You cannot say NO to this Instagram-worthy treehouse.

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Bamboo Dale

Bamboo Dale in Munnar is all about giving its guests an eco-friendly and sustainable experience. This majestic treehouse is surrounded by beautiful rivers, mountains and sceneries. The architecture is a source of wonder and is reminiscent of the many treehouses we see in Hollywood movies. The patio area is sort of like an observation deck, and you won’t realise the time pass by in a jiffy. It’s that enchanting!

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Backwater Facing Tree House

It can’t get better than this! Facing the Kavanar river, this Treehouse by Garggi Village Homestay is a modern foundation engulfed by greenery. If you want to feel the comfort of staying beside a majestic river, this treehouse would be ideal for you.

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GulMohar Tree house

Looking for a secret weekend hideaway? Then this luxurious treehouse that rests on a Gul Mohar Tree awaits your presence in Wayanad. Spread across 400 acres, the treehouse is 45 feet from the ground level and overlooks an expansive coffee plantation. The whole stay has a warm and welcome aesthetic to it.

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The Roots

The Roots in Wayanad will literally help you get closer to nature as it is located in the foothills of Brahmagiri Hills. The sleeping quarters has a large glass wall that’s beautiful to gaze at the stars in the night. The architecture is an amalgamation of traditional and modern style, giving you both a pleasant indoor and outdoor climate. 

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Here’s our list of amazing treehouse resorts in Kerala you must visit at least once in your lifetime. If you have any more recommendations, we’d love to keep adding on. Do let us know in the comments below.

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