Shows We All Loved Watching On Safari TV

Kerala’s very own SAFARI TV has definitely set the benchmark high for Malayalam television. From mind-boggling concepts to a string of riveting shows, SAFARI TV is way more than just being Kerala’s TLC or National Geographic

Shows We All Loved Watching On Safari TV

SAFARI TV is an exploration channel, a genius conceived by the brilliant Santhosh George Kulangara. The channel was launched on 1st November 2013 and is exclusively ad-free. 

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SAFARI TV is a treasure box that has a burst of brilliant shows across various genres. It is a package that cannot be missed by any age group, owing to the range of programmes the channel offers. Some of our favourite show from the channel that you should not miss are:


This show, hands down, is one of the best travel shows in the world. It is shot and presented in a manner in which we viewers feel like we’ve walked through alien places with the narrator. 

Sancharam I PinkLungi

Santhosh George Kulangara rose to prominence with his show Sancharam – the first visual travelogue in Malayalam. The show was widely received by Malayalis around the globe. It was recognised for its unique format and delivery, including the remarkable first-person narration by Anish Punnen Peter. 

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Shows We All Loved Watching On Safari TV I Santhosh George Kulangara  I PinkLungi

Movies On The Road

An extraordinary show dedicated only to movies that are travel/exploration based. The show offers a brilliant summary of each movie and highlights important scenes from the movie. Most of the time, it makes you want to pack your bags and hit the road! 

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Oru Sanchariyude Diarykuruppukal

One of my favourite shows on T.V, it showcases Mr Santhosh George as he takes us through the whirlwind of experiences he has had while journeying through unknown lands. His insights on various cultures of the different places he has visited, the creative ideas he has for our state to implement for its betterment in the tourism industry are one for the textbooks. A must-watch indeed! 

World War II

For every High School/Degree student, struggling to mug up the dates of the tumultuous events of the World War, this show has you all covered.  It covers almost every part of the biggest war in history, with rare visuals and an exceptional narration. The show will make you relive the whole experience and is a good reminder of why learning our history and the events that shaped the world are so incredibly important. 

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Around The World In 30 Minutes

30 minutes of beautiful glimpses around different destinations of the world. The show, presented by Rahul Easwar, showcases museums, islands, markets and every other destination of tourist or historical interest. 

Aa Yathrayil

A travelogue, narrated by different hodophiles from our state, who have made travel an essence of their souls. Some of their stories are unforgettable and makes us look deeper into our luxuries and problems. A genuine, beautiful one of its kind show.

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Picking out favourites from this channel is indeed a task as all of SAFARI TV’s shows deserve special mention. In a time where the standards of entertainment are widely degressive, the importance of channels like SAFARI TV is larger than ever.

You are what you see” might seem like a generalised saying, but it is an aphorism we cannot ignore. Channels like SAFARI TV that aim at wholesome entertainment, that is inclusive of great exposure and learning, are the need of the hour. Being exposed to the different sides and ways of the world will only help us to look beyond our shells and comfort zones.

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The Malayali retort of ‘We are number one!’ might not always be the best way to shadow the shortcomings of our state. This little state is indeed a melting pot of limitless possibilities. It’s time we all started looking over and above our little worlds and for that, Santhosh George’s SAFARI TV might be the perfect little start.

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