Here’s why you shouldn’t miss Visiting Swargam Backwaters Resto Café in Kochi

Swargam Backwaters Resto Café is a place where the ambience is as laid back as their chairs, and the view is as stunning as the list of excuses I make to avoid cooking at home. Located in Kumbalam, Kochi, this is the perfect secret hideaway for anyone who wants to escape the chaos of city life and embrace the serenity of Vembanad Lake.

This hidden gem has been serving up delicious meals for an impressive three years. Although it’s tucked away from the main road, the restaurant’s stunning views and luxurious atmosphere make it well worth the journey. Perched alongside the breathtaking backwaters, this tranquil haven is the perfect place for foodies to indulge in a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes.

Even though vegetarian options are a bit limited, the food was still absolutely delightful. The ambience is simply incredible, providing a sense of serenity and beauty that is hard to come by. The service is top-notch, and the prices are more than reasonable.

Let’s talk about the real stars of the show, Kattan and Beef. They have their own unique flavoured Kattan and have mastered the art of preparing beef in various forms – curry, roast, fry – you name it. It is best served with sunset. As you sit there, gazing into the vast expanse of Vembanad Lake, you might wonder if this is Swargam (heaven) indeed. Or maybe it’s just the food-induced trance talking. 

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So, if you find yourself in Kochi and craving a taste of paradise with a side of sarcasm, Swargam Backwaters Resto Café might just be the place to be. If you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience, then be sure to visit during the evening or night to fully appreciate this magical place.

PS: This restaurant is run by six friends who ran this business after their 9-5 jobs. It used to function only in the evenings. Recently, one of the six friends took the bold step of looking after the resto cafe full-time, and the team decided to launch lunch at Swargam. They focus on serving traditional Kerala cuisine with a daily special in fish, using only Naadan spices and flavors. Patrons are requested to get in touch with the customer executives to know the daily specials of the day.

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