Swirlyo: The Yogurt Oasis You’ve been Craving has come to Kochi!

Move over, ice cream – there’s a new dessert craze in town, and its name is Swirlyo! This frozen yogurt parlour is geared up to shake up the dessert scene and charm your taste buds with a healthier, tastier twist. So, what makes Swirlyo the trendiest dessert shop in town? This quirky frozen yogurt heaven is transforming the definition of sweet delights with a nutritious twist along with a lot of fun. Let’s take a spin through Swirlyo’s exciting universe.

Kerala’s First Sweet Dream Haven

Imagine you’re wandering through Kochi’s Forum Mall when a sweet serenade beckons you. That’s Swirlyo’s command, and guess what? Kochi’s Forum Mall’s lower floor houses Kerala’s first Swirlyo parlour! It’s more than a dessert; it’s an experience waiting to be savored.

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Healthier, tastier, and a splash of fun

Bid goodbye to heavy ice cream and hello to Swirlyo, a healthier yet yummy alternative. Try their signature item called the ‘Make Your Own Froyo,’ where you get to be the dessert artist. Make your own yogurt cup, complete with your favorite toppings, without breaking the wallet. Each froyo cup costs between Rs. 150 and 200, making it an ideal choice! 

The Charm of Best Sellers 

Swirlyo’s menu is a sweet haven for dessert connoisseurs. A must-try is the ‘Berry Berry Sundae’ with dragon fruit berry toppings. The adventures, however, don’t end there. Dive into the world of ‘New York Style Cheesecake,’ that’s served with nuts and your choice of white or dark chocolate toppings. Feeling a little brave? Take a chance with their masterpiece cake called the ‘Burnt Basque’.

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Plenty of sips and treats

Swirlyo has you covered when yogurt alone doesn’t seem enough. There’s something for everyone on their menu, including frappes, bubble teas, caramel hot chocolates, and their popular ‘Signature sundae’.

Super Saver Sundays and Sweet Deals

Swirlyo loves incorporating extra sweetness with amazing perks as if this dessert wonderland wasn’t already enticing. Remember to mark your calendar for their ‘Super Saver Sunday’; it’s a dessert extravaganza you won’t want to miss.

Swirlyo is the satisfying escape you’ve been looking for in a world where dessert desires meet creativity. So don’t wait; go to Kochi’s Forum Mall and let your taste sense on an unforgettable trip.

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