Here’s how this Entrepreneur started BakeDo, Kochi’s 1st Authentic NYC Thick Cookie Store

In the heart of Panampally Nagar, Kochi, there’s a sweet secret that has been winning over cookie lovers’ hearts – it’s BakeDo, the one and only NYC cookie mecca you’ve been searching for. Imagine a passionate young girl with a love for cookies that rivals the best bakers in New York, and you’ve got the very essence of BakeDo.

Baking Dreams Conquered

Meet Shirin Basheer, the baker and founder of BakeDo, who transformed her passion for baking into a thriving business. Born and brought up in Kochi, Shirin initially pursued a career in fashion design but eventually followed her entrepreneurial instincts. Besides being a dedicated baker, she’s a homemaker and a loving mother of a 3-year-old.

Shirin’s journey into the world of baking began at the age of 19. Her motivation wasn’t just her passion but also her desire to achieve financial independence. She didn’t want to rely solely on her father to meet her educational needs. This marked the beginning of her baking career, a journey that gradually became her true passion. Over the years, she continued to expand her baking knowledge, exploring new trends and innovations in the industry.

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“After a few years, I realized I had been walking the same way others do, but deep in my mind, I had a strong vision to bring something that’s unique and new, which would set my creations apart and establish my identity. Thus, after three years of trial and error, I finally started BakeDo, the authentic NYC-style cookie store, a novelty in Kochi at the time,” Shirin shared.

Cookies Aren’t the Only Thing

Starting a bakery from scratch is no small feat, and Shirin faced her own share of challenges along the way. As she put it, it was much more difficult than she had imagined. Operating from home had its comforts – no rent, electricity bills, or employee salaries to worry about. However, she soon realized that to grow her brand truly, she needed to step out of her comfort zone.

“The biggest challenge we faced while starting our first physical store was actually starting the store itself. Being a home-grown brand, I had the comfort zone of working anytime in my own house, surrounded by my family and my kid, without any fear of paying rent, electricity, salary, etc. So, I never pushed much for sales; it was actually a ‘go with the flow’ approach. But when I realized I had to step forward for my brand’s growth, I started to learn more about marketing, finance, and everything that comes into business,” Shirin explained.

BakeDo’s cookies, Shirin’s brainchild, have a unique blend of New York’s thick, ooey-gooey cookies and the charm of Kochi. Shirin shared that the inspiration behind this unique recipe came from her love for these delectable cookies, which seemed more like a dessert than a snack. She couldn’t find anything similar in her area, and this realization led her to believe that there was a significant market for these cookies in Kochi.

BakeDo’s Bestsellers

Curious to know about BakeDo’s bestsellers? Well, one of their most popular creations is the “OG One,” classic milk. It’s a flavour that has garnered a dedicated fan base. These classic milk cookies are known to be sold out every day within a few hours. The soft, chewy texture and the perfect balance of sweetness make them an absolute favourite among BakeDo’s customers.

A Dream Turned Reality

Many people dream of turning their passion into a successful business, and Shirin’s journey offers valuable insights. She emphasized that with hard work, patience, and passion, anyone can pursue their dreams. “I was a science student who ended up in fashion design, but my career turned out to be in the bakery business, that too without any mentor. If I can crack this, definitely everyone can do something too; it’s just a matter of patience, hard work, and passion,” Shirin encouraged.

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BakeDo is not just about cookies; it’s about creating moments of sugary delight. Every customer who walks through the door is special to Shirin. There have been countless heart-warming experiences, from customers taking BakeDo cookies all the way to the UK, where they are renowned for their NYC-style cookies, to customers waiting outside in long queues during the opening hours.

A Supportive Network

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a strong support system, and Shirin is no exception. Her family has been her pillar of strength, especially her parents, who had faith in her talent and passion. “That will always be my family. I am much obliged to them, including my 3-year-old kid, for being my pillar of strength. I come from a normal middle-class Muslim family where my parents didn’t know anything about business. But still, they never stopped me from chasing my dreams. The first people who had trust in my talent and passion were my parents. And upon God’s grace, I married someone who was destined to make my long-time dream come true; he is my backbone,” Shirin expressed.

The Vision for the Future

Shirin envisions BakeDo as a shining example of what individuals can achieve when they believe in themselves and refuse to let societal pressures hold them back. Her brand stands as a testament to the power of self-belief. “Ultimately, I hope to inspire others to follow their passion and dream in a unique way. I envision my brand as a shining example of what a person can achieve when they believe in themselves and refuse to let societal pressures hold them back,” Shirin said.

So, when you step into BakeDo, you’re not just entering a bakery; you’re entering a world of passion, dreams, and, of course, mouth-watering cookies. These cookies redefine what a cookie should be and are more like a warm hug from a long-lost friend, and every bite is a testament to Shirin’s dedication to her craft.

Curious to explore these yummy creations? BakeDo is now bustling in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, and their mouth-watering cookies are available to you. Give them a ring at 7907022590, and they’ll transport you to cookie heaven. Don’t miss this cookie trip – it’s a tempting tale of love you won’t want to skip!

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