Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs from Kerala

Many of us dream of starting a business, but there is still a stereotype that suggests only men can be successful in this field. However, this is not true. Anyone can start a business and achieve success. Despite the fact that women are often viewed as incapable, numerous strong and inspiring women in different parts of Kerala have become successful entrepreneurs. Despite the obstacles they face, these women are making great strides daily. Kerala has seen a significant increase in women entrepreneurs who have broken down barriers and carved successful paths.

Meet some Inspiring women entrepreneurs from Kerala who have now built their own kingdom.

Sangeetha Abhay: eWe

Sangeetha is a 35-year-old young woman from Nileshwaram, Kasargod district, Kerala. She has been working with the weavers community in Kerala. When Sangeetha and her computer specialist husband Abhay founded eWe, a platform to connect traditional weavers in coastal Kerala, sustainability and community development were two of its main values. 

Through the eWe platform, women have the chance to sell their goods while adhering to all legal requirements. All the products sold on the platform are handloom products. They carry a wide variety of goods in categories like crafts, clothing, jewellery, and household goods. 

To promote khadi and handloom goods, the couple relocated to Kannur and established the eWe office in the historic commercial port to closely collaborate with handloom weavers.

Ranitha Shabu: Gokulam Food Processing

Image Courtesy: Local Samosa

This woman earns 1 lakh per month from her local food business. Impressive, isn’t it?

Gokulam Food Processing Unit, led by the visionary Ranjitha Shabu, has been thriving and setting an example for success. Her life took a dramatic turn when, in 2005, Ranitha received an unexpected order for 100 idlis. These idlis, accompanied by delicious sambar curry and coconut chutney, were prepared with care for the students of the Resmi Arts and Sports Club, who were embarking on a trip. Ranitha decided to serve the idlis free of charge, and the response from the students was overwhelmingly positive. This encouraging feedback prompted her to contemplate turning her culinary skills into a source of extra income.

Shortly after this incident, Ranitha and her husband decided to venture into the food business. They began by accepting orders for idlis. Within a month, Ranitha found herself preparing a whopping 1,000 idlis to meet the growing demand. From there on, she fully started to concentrate on the business, which turned into a very profitable venture.

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Ashwathy Venugopal: Avasarashala

Aswathy Venugopal is the CEO and co-founder of Avasarshala, an educational and technological startup based in Kochi. Avasarshala is an online platform that offers various training sessions for school students and provides opportunities to participate in national and international programs. 

The motivation behind this initiative is a personal and touching one. During her youth, Aswathy missed a chance to meet A. P. J. Abdul Kalam when he visited her school for an event. She was unaware of the event and, later, was disheartened to see pictures of her friends with the esteemed figure.

No one had informed her about the event or how to seize the opportunity to participate in it. Avasarshala aims to fill the void left by Aswathy’s teachers during the Kalam event by actively tracking events and competitions for students worldwide, ensuring that parents and their children are informed about them.

By offering the right exposure, the platform assists parents in identifying and nurturing their children’s talents. The events listed on the platform include a wide range of opportunities, such as competitions, scholarships, grants, Olympiads, festivals, and inter-school events. Avasarshala generates a significant portion of its revenue through subscriptions, which amount to Rs. 1,200 per year. True to its name, ‘Avasarshala’ continues to provide tremendous opportunities for students.

Harsha Thachery: Masala Box

Harsha Thachery, originally from Kochi, Kerala, is a certified chartered accountant known for her analytical mindset. She introduced the innovative business concept known as ‘Masala Box,’ which offers high-quality and nutritious homemade food. 

The inspiration for this venture struck her during her pregnancy when she identified a gap in the market for healthy homemade meals, eventually leading to the creation of ‘Masala Box.’ Harsha embarked on turning her idea into a reality, but it took nearly two years for the concept to materialize fully.

Amidst challenges and extensive brainstorming related to execution and financial management, she laid the foundation for her e-platform in August 2014, which she aptly named Masala Box.

Harsha’s e-platform, Masala Box, operates as a food network connecting home chefs with customers. These home cooks are predominantly homemakers who have undergone rigorous taste and quality assessments. This platform not only satisfies hunger with nutritious meals but also provides homemakers with an opportunity to leverage their culinary skills for income generation.

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Arunakshi: ViFlowers

 Arunakshi is the founder of ViFlowers, a business that produces pillows and beds. The initial stopover on the journey was a small manufacturing facility in an industrial region close to Kanhangad, Ananthapuram, in 2021. 

Numerous women now find inspiration in her narrative. M. Arunakshi, a native of Moolathara in Kasaragod, decided to start her own business when she was 42 years old. She did have some early failures, though, as many people criticised her efforts, and banks turned down her loan applications. She was turned away from numerous financial institutions at this time.

Ms. Arunkashi’s path to success was fraught with challenges, including the separation from her husband and the responsibility of caring for her ailing parents. 

Despite these obstacles, her company has thrived, achieving an impressive turnover of over ₹1.5 crore. ViFlowers has evolved from a small local supplier of pillows to a company poised to expand its presence in both the state and other regions.

Likewise, there are several empowered and self-determined women entrepreneurs in Kerala who might inspire other women who want to start their own businesses and achieve their dreams. Let’s all appreciate the efforts made by them!

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