Ummees Naturals: Making Skincare Easy and Effective

Proper skincare plays a significant role in maintaining good skin. Most people are aware of this, and many, in fact, spend a lot of time and investment on skincare. But, figuring out the right brand for your skin is not an easy task. As we all know, Kerala is rich in its traditional medicines and herbs, and ways of health care. These medicines are very effective for skincare too. However, the issue we face is finding out the best herbal remedies and health care products that suit each skin type. Thrissur native Ansiya’s Ummees Naturals is a perfect solution that solves this problem. Ansiya makes 40 varieties of skincare products in her home by using natural ingredients.

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Ansiya’s Ummees Naturals: Making Skincare Easy and Effective
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What’s her Story?

Ansiya Ramsheed started Ummees Naturals, an exclusive brand for natural skincare and beauty products, in the year 2017. She had a longtime passion to start her own business. A Facebook post of hers lead to the quick birth of her brand called Ummees Naturals.

“It was my biggest dream to start something new. But I was confused regarding the business idea. One day on Facebook, I put a post about the homemade hair oil made by my mother along with the instructions and ingredients to make it. That particular post got wide acceptance from my friends, and many of them gave orders for the oil. They also gave me an advance amount of INR 5000 for making the oil. That was my first sale and that lead to the beginning of Ummees Naturals’ journey,” said Ansiya.

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Ansiya’s Ummees Naturals: Making Skincare Easy and Effective

Ansiya’s journey started from making homemade herbal hair oil. Now, it’s a full-fledged brand called Ummees Naturals with around 38 products on their list. 

Why you Should Check Out Ummees Naturals?

In a world with an innumerable number of cosmetic and skincare brands, what makes Ummees Naturals special is its ingredients. All the ingredients used in making their products are 100% natural and are specially cultivated in Kerala. 

“Another important factor behind starting my business was to help homemakers in Kerala, looking for an opportunity to earn something by themselves. I needed a wide variety of homegrown plants and herbs as ingredients in my products. So, I made an agreement with homemakers from different parts of Kerala to cultivate plants and herbs in their homes for my brand exclusively. In such a way, I accomplished the goal of receiving good quality natural raw materials for my products and financial stability to homemakers who showed interest in working along with me,” Ansiya added.

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Ansiya’s husband is a graphic designer, and he is the person behind the beautiful designs and labels of Ummees Naturals. Their upcoming product is their range of special baby care products, which is a result of the wide research and study made by Ansiya and her friends.

  • Ummees Natural
  • Ummees Natural

You can get your hands on a wide range of natural products from Ummees Naturals through their WebsiteFacebook page, and Instagram. Contact no – 8139072515

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