The Trendy Decor Is The Place For Customised 3D Wooden Artworks

We’ve all been confused about what to get our loved ones on many occasions. Should I buy them something online? Should I just give them a gift card so that they can buy whatever they want? It’s puzzling! We completely understand. But, you know what, when you actually give them something special, they will always remember it. And that’s why you should check out The Trendy Decor founded by Harish.

27-year-old Harish from Thrissur district of Kerala has a unique talent that will make you go ‘Woah’. This self-taught artist has experience in hyper-realism art and 3D wooden artwork.

Harish, founder of The Trendy Store
Harish, founder of The Trendy Decor

What’s His Story?

After gaining his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 2015, he finally was in the mind space to explore his creative side. During his leisure time, he would practice his skill and build his pencil drawing portfolio. While it was largely appreciated by his close friends and family, there wasn’t enough sale. He shares, “When people think of pencil drawing, they think it requires minimum effort. But, it takes time and patience which people don’t recognize. So, when I charge a particular price for my product, they aren’t able to balance out the price to the value of my drawing.”

At this point, Harish’s family was going through a series of financial crisis. Coming from a middle-class background, his family had loans to pay off. It was his brother who had taken up the task of repaying the loan amount. Ultimately, the burden fell on Harish too, and he had to find jobs to earn some money. Finally, after two shifting jobs, he got into an Oil company as a sales representative. Two months into the job, the lockdown was announced. For him, it was a blessing in disguise. Not only was he able to work from home, he even had ample time to focus on building his creative side.

“I wanted to do something unique that would catch the attention of people. After tons of research, I came across a picture on a wooden plaque. I didn’t know how the artist was able to engrave the picture in the wooden piece. Thanks to YouTube, I got a vague idea of it.”, shares Harish. So when the lockdown lifted, he resigned from his job. With the little money he had saved and his friend’s help, he decided to buy raw materials to kickstart The Trendy Decor.

The first trial was a huge flop because it took a lot of time. But, Harish didn’t lose faith. He then tried a different route with a different set of materials. And finally, he was able to create his first 3D wooden art. “My first paid work was a wedding gift, and we just had two days to finish it off. At first, I was a bit hesitant due to the tight timeline. But my friend and I managed to pull it off,” shares Harish.

He further added, “Right now, my aim is to spread the word on social media. All this while, I have been receiving orders from friends, acquaintances, and family. I’m grateful for that. But I need more people to explore the work I do so that they too can see the value in it.”

Why You Should Check Out The Trendy Decor?

Looking for a memorable gift that your friends or family will cherish forever? Then, The Trendy Decor is the place to check out. If you’re bored of buying the usual DIY, personalised gift, we recommend these 3D wooden artworks.

Harish uses natural wood veneer, MDF and laminates to create these artworks. The total thickness of his products are 14-16mm and the carving depth is 3-4 mm. These long-lasting decors are well treated by sanding and wax polishing. While Harish specialises in couple and single portraits, you can get anything you want to be customised. Right from pop culture references to quotes, hit him up to get yourself some kickass 3D Decor artworks.

The prices of his products range from INR 1,500 and can go up to INR 7,000 depending on your specifications.

  • 3D Wooden artwork
  • The Trendy Decor
  • 3D Wooden artwork
  • The Trendy Decor
  • 3D Wooden artwork
  • The Trendy Decor
  • 3D Wooden artwork
  • The Trendy Decor

How to order?

All you have to do is send your reference photo (should have good resolution) via mail (, call or Whatsapp (9946 625 655, 8111 850 118). After the confirmation, you have to pay half amount of the order. Then they will start the work as soon as possible. You can pay the rest amount before despatch. Normally, it takes 3-5 days to complete a work. The product is shipped from Thrissur, Kerala.

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