Stand Out Of The Ordinary With These Happy Socks From Hapso

“Quirky, funky, and colourful” is one way to describe the eccentricity of Hapso – a premium lifestyle designer happy socks brand. Launched only a month ago, the fresh twist and curl of designs by the Trivandrum-based business have been turning heads ever since. Add a mix and match of solid colours, bright miniature pineapples, or beer mug socks to your daily outfit to stand out of the ordinary. 

What’s their Story?

When they are not creating designs for the business, Vijith works in the IT field, and Anees runs a family business. A shared interest in art and design compelled the neighbours-turned-co-founders to initiate Hapso. Nearly five years ago, they co-founded Happyccino Design Studio in Trivandrum, a spirited community of artists and designers. Since setting up an art studio, the duo has been looking for new ventures. Following wall art painting experiences and conducting workshops, they sought to create something distinctive with their designs that went beyond regular t-shirts. 

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Left: Cofounders of Hapso, Right: The Hapso Team

Inspiration came knocking at their door through their fascination with Google socks, driving Anees and Vijith to produce their line of jazzy printed socks. After almost two years of experimentation, product development and designing, the duo officially opened shop in January 2023. Currently, a team of five – Amal, Anees, Nandan, Unni, and Vijith –  everything from the illustration of the concepts to product photoshoots are carried about by each member. 

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Happy Socks From Hapso

Hapso’s products are categorized into ankle, regular, and crew-length socks, with a wide variety of 28 designs. All the products are size-inclusive and designed for all age groups ranging from 11 to 65+ years old. A prominent feature by Hapso that has caught customers’ attention is the stunning packaging. Upon discussing the thought process behind the packaging, Vijith says, “After unwrapping the socks, we want the customers to keep the packaging rather than throw it away.” Since setting up shop this year, Hapso held its first-ever pop-up event at the Olam Festival. The event marked a thriving start for the young business as Hapso made remarkable sales within three days. The brand looks forward to setting stalls in upcoming events within and outside Kerala. 

What are their Bestsellers?

Hapso’s customer favourites include the Chug Chug Chug Green Socks with beer patterns and the colourful Wingscape Ankle Socks, to name a few. 

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Happy Socks From Hapso

How can you Buy from Hapso?

You can purchase Hapso’s products from their website The website also includes Whatsapp details to approach them with product queries. you can also DM them on Instagram. Hapso also plans to launch its products on Flipkart and Amazon, so stay tuned! 

Happy Socks From Hapso

Why should you check them out?

Hapso’s products are rich in quality and unique designs. “We use 100% combed cotton for all our socks, making them smooth and comfortable, leaving no marks on the skin. Similarly, all our designs are very fresh and creative. They cannot be found anywhere else,” quotes Vijith. Hapso is also planning to launch products made of bamboo yarn in the near future. So why wait longer?  Check out Hapso’s products on their Instagram page and keep your eyes glued for the latest updates!

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