Kalavai: The Kochi-based Brand Making Stunning Resin-dipped Floral Jewelry And Bookmarks

For Chindu Treasa Benny, Kalavai is not only a mode of artistic expression but also a reinvention of Western styles. “It is an ode to nature’s finesse by meticulously fossilizing organic bits in resin,” Chindu notes. The Kochi-based brand was born with the motive of creating a fusion of florals, bringing out the essence that the Tamil word stands for.

Chindu’s palette of products includes resin-dipped floral jewelry that may sit still and look pretty but also speak volumes. Turquoise-toned hydrangeas, purple plum blossoms, and various other flowers are preserved and framed within antique bronze signed with her bohemian touch. 

Her Story

Chindu’s passion for innovation saw the birth of Kalavai as a brand. The idea of initiating a jewelry line grew in the mind of the then student of Fashion Management and continued to bloom while she worked in a textile exporting company. After sticking around to muster the required skills to launch a business, Chindu quit her job and developed her brand from the roots at her own pace.

In May 2020, Kalavai took shape as a fully functioning online brand selling floral resin jewelry. Dreamy pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets are handwrought to serve fresh, spring-hued floral fashion. Home decor such as teakwood adorned with flowers, pressed flower wall frames, and glossy silver-plated bookmarks also add to the ever-growing melange of products by Kalavai.

Chindu Treasa Benny, Founder of Kalavai

Exotic flowers that go into each product are sourced from abroad while brass frames for the jewelry are manufactured in Jaipur. A few natural beauties such as lichens, mushrooms, and ferns are also handpicked by Chindu herself along her travels. The young business owner also takes custom orders wherein clients send in received souvenirs or flowers to preserve in resin. DNA jewelry is also made where customers send in their child’s first curl or even pet fur to preserve forever.

Kalavai: The Kochi-based Brand Making Stunning Resin-dipped Floral Jewellery

“When certain flowers are not available for customisation requests, I help them with some questions to know their color preference, the flowers they like more, and to whom they are gifting. Accordingly, we pick the flower with the best symbolism. We also have options to choose birth month flowers. If someone is born in June, we can gift them rose flower jewelry,” Chindu quotes. 

Since its launch, Kalavai has set up stalls and taken part in exhibitions within and outside Kerala. The brand has helped open new ventures for Chindu and expand her social network.

How to Care for your Resin Accessories: Chindu Answers

“When a flower is preserved in resin, it is preserved forever. It is encapsulated in a handcrafted brass frame which will help increase its longevity. In case of sweat or water contact, dab the accessory with a tissue and store it in the cotton pouch we provide. Resin is unbreakable even if it falls down. In case you are allergic to a brass cable chain, Kalavai also provides a suede cord chain with the pendant.”

Kalavai: The Kochi-based Brand Making Stunning Resin-dipped Floral Jewellery

What are the Customers’ Favorites?

Kalavai’s bestsellers include the enchanting four-leaf clover necklace that has made over 250 sales. “Four-leaf clovers are hard to find and that rarity makes them popular,” notes Chindu. Kalavai’s vibrant Manjadikkuru collection of pendants, earrings, and bracelets follow suit as customer favorites, being high in demand.

How can you reach out?

You can purchase resin-dipped floral jewelry from Kalavai through the website. You can also contact Chindu through Whatsapp or drop a DM on Instagram at kalavai_by_chindu to know more!

Kalavai: The Kochi-based Brand Making Stunning Resin-dipped Floral Jewellery

 Why Should You Buy from Kalavai?

Chindu delicately handcrafts each product with a splash of floral goodness. The brand also follows an eco-friendly consciousness when it comes to the packaging of products.

“Our USP is that we make only one piece per design where I use a melange of florals with an Indian accent.” Furthermore, Kalavai holds a category on its website for pocket-friendly deals on products, priced below Rs. 990. So head over to the Instagram handle and stay tuned for the latest floral collections and deals.


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