Steffy Sunny Is Winning The Internet With Her Malayali Content

It’s always (Setffy) Sunny on Instagram! Steffy Sunny is known for taking quirks you’ll find only in a Malayali house and exposing it in the funniest way possible. What we love about her content is that she is all about keeping it super real, and as relatable as possible. No kidding! So, if you ever need a good laugh (like a really good, rib-tickling laugh), you should totally check her content out.

Steffy Sunny

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Before we go on and on, bragging about how good she is, here’s a little about her that you most probably didn’t know. Steffy Sunny is a Kottayamkari turned Kannurkari turned Delhite. She claims to be “a typical Delhiite”, who is quite optimistic, sociable, and outgoing. As much as she likes to call herself a travel junkie, she is waiting for the day she doesn’t have to take permission from her mother to step out. “Mallu parents are hard to convince. Njan entha cheya?,” she shares.

Funny story; it is this particular ‘Malayali parents trait’ that inspired her to start the ‘Every Malayali Will Relate To This’ content series.

Steffy Sunny was brought up in a typical Catholic Malayali environment. Not-so-surprisingly, her mother was and still is a highly religious person. Steffy shares, “She used to go to church almost every day and on Catholic Saturday because it is considered to be Mother Mary’s Day. She wanted her kids to do the same. You know, like every typical Malayali parent. So she used to compel me to attend church on Saturdays. I would go most of the time because her therivilli is un-shahikyable.”

Steffy being the rebel she is, decided to muster up the courage one Saturday, and say NO to her mother. After hours of heated arguments, her mother left for Church. Steffy, on the other hand, had a revelation. “Why don’t I make videos about these instances?”, she wondered. And that’s how it all began!

“It was in September 2019 I made my first video. I started to observe aunties at the Church and my friend’s mothers to create content. Initially, I would do small skits, and post for the sake of it. But when Instagram Reels launched, I knew it was an opportunity to grab. That’s when I started the every Malayali can relate to series.”

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Steffy further added, “At that time, I worked at a hospital. I still remember how much I hated that job. When I was on duty, I used to run to the washroom and cry a lot because I couldn’t make videos. Eventually, I left the job. In between all of this chaos, I almost gave up but my boyfriend supported me. It was because of him that I became more consistent in making videos. I love making people laugh so yes, I did expect a small amount of response. But never imagined the kind of response I get now.”

You’d be surprised to know that Steffy didn’t think she could act. It was when she tried her hands at creating content that she knew she had a kickass talent. Her creative process is very simple. The moment she is with her mother, content flows like an avalanche. Steffy comments, “You have to be the naughtiest and disobedient kid in the house and the content will automatically present itself. Just observe the way your mom scolds and voila, you’ve got a kidu script!”

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Her funny Malayali content is what she personally experiences almost every single day. And somehow, we all can relate to it because it’s typical in almost all Malayali households. Be it the restrictions we face or the illogical reasoning our parents spurt out every now and then, it’s these distinctive characteristics that make it relatable. Steffy Sunny is here to stay, and she will not disappoint her fellow Malayalis.

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