Punargeham Rehabilitation Project Receives A Go Ahead Despite Pushback

The Fisheries Department has started the process of identifying land for the Punargeham rehabilitation project. The project aims to provide safe housing for all fisher families who live within 50 metres of tidal wave areas as this area is vulnerable to sea erosion. The fund for the Punargeham rehabilitation project comes from the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund. The budget has been allocated to the Fisheries Department.

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Many residents have opposed the project and a majority of the residents are yet to endorse it as they say that the terms and conditions for this rehabilitation project are akin to ‘forced eviction’ from their lands. The Fisheries Department has decided to proceed with the land identification process despite this opposition from residents. 

The Fisheries Department has called for applications from people who are willing to provide land for the construction of an apartment complex for people who have opted for the Punargeham rehabilitation project. 50 cents of land within Chellanam panchayat, which does not violate Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) norms, will be eventually chosen for the construction of this apartment complex.

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People who wish to show interest in selling their land for this project will have to submit their application and the requisite land documents to the Fisheries Deputy Director before the 13th of August 2021. If you’re interested in applying, you can reach out to 04842394476 for details.

A group of residents under the banner of Chellanam Janakiya Vedi staged a ‘sleep protest’ before the office of the Deputy Director of Fisheries on Monday to voice their concerns over the government’s ineffectiveness in resolving the sea erosion issue. This protest was inaugurated by Jackson Pollayil, president of Kerala Swathantra Matsyathozh. 

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