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Techie in pursuit of a passion. I live on a shore with scribbles, stories, sarcasm and people who like to smile often!
Wedding Silks

10 Super Cool Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Silks

Weddings without splurging on apparel are no weddings at all. And when it comes to purchasing wedding silks, people go crazy with...
Kerala School Trips

Kerala School Trips: Walk Down Memory Lane

Imagine a fine morning in your classroom. The morning prayer just got over. Your class teacher comes and takes attendance. Upon closing...
Makeup Shaming In Kerala

Makeup Shaming In Kerala Is A Real Pain In The Ass

Believe it or not, Malayalis share a love-hate relationship with makeup. From movies to television shows, the idea of people in makeup...
SIIMA 2019-20

SIIMA 2019-20: Mollywood Stars & Their Wonderful Fashion Game

SIIMA or the South Indian International Movie Awards had recently announced the winners for the year 2019-2020. And living up to our...
Pink Tax

Pink Tax: Things You Should Know Before You Shop

It is quite funny how people associate colours with gender. When one says "Pink", automatically one assumes it to be related to...
Linen Trail Dress up like a celebrity

How To Dress Up Like A Celebrity ft. Linen Trail

At some point in our lives, almost all of us wanted to dress up like a celebrity we admire, didn’t we? The...
Kasavu Kathakal of Kerala

Looking Back At The Kasavu Kathakal of Kerala

Kasavu attires are almost always associated with Kerala traditions. You must be thinking - “I know that!” But have you thought about...
Pattu Pavada

Reasons To Wear A Pattu Pavada This Onam

Many of us have owned a Pattu Pavada at least once in our lifetime. From childhood to adulthood, this attire has been...
Dhavani styles kerala Onam

How To Dazzle In A Dhavani For Onam

For women who are searching for a Pattu Pavada alternative, Dhavani can be a perfect choice. To those who don’t want something...
Onam styling tips budget friendly

Pocket-friendly Styling Tips For Onam

This is the second Onam amidst the pandemic. Needless to say, the pandemic has affected our economic stability adversely. Spending on clothes...