Esther Anil Speaks To Us About Her Amazing Fashion Formulae

A brief look at Esther Anil’s style entries can tell you how simple and subtle fashion choices run a long way. Looking uber stylish and put together in all kinds of attire, this actor has hit every note on the style scale. Esther Anil is quite a familiar face among us. Her growth from a cute little child artist to an amazingly talented actor has made quite an impressive print among movie critics. Let’s get to know more about her thoughts and insights about fashion in our wonderful discussion below.

We would love to know about your fashion choices. What inspires your fashion game?

Well, to be honest, I have never thought of my fashion game as something extraordinary. Personally, I haven’t considered my styling or fashion to be special as I just focus on two things in particular – comfort and mood. So that’s what my fashion game is majorly about.

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Your recent SIIMA look was highly appreciated. And we cannot agree more! How would you like to remember the attire and the overall styling?

Thank you so much for the compliment! But the entire credit for the SIIMA look goes to my stylist Afsheen. I am completely dependent on my stylists when it comes to such events. I help them with my colour preferences only, and the rest is handled by my team.

For special events, I compromise with my criteria of comfort because I believe that it is through such events that one gets to push their fashion boundaries. You get to see how much you can handle and how well you can handle different attires. It’s like a fun experiment where you find your horizontal limits.

Esther Anil Speaks To Us About Her Amazing Fashion Formulae
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For SIIMA, my stylist had an amazing mood board and she pretty much convinced me to go ahead with the overall look. I have my own set of insecurities, making me doubtful about several styles, like a sleek hairdo, for example. But I was really happy with what my hair artist did during SIIMA. So, that’s that. Everything worked out well for SIIMA. I am thankful to my stylist Afsheen Shajahan for the entire look.

Sometimes it’s not just how you carry an outfit but it’s more about the confidence that your team has in you that makes all the difference. SIIMA was one such instance. My team made me believe in myself and that literally made me rock the red carpet.

Would you consider yourself a fashion influencer? Could you tell us the reason behind your answer?

My answer would be a humble no here. I have never considered myself a fashion influencer nor have I put in effort for the same. As a social media celebrity, I do understand that the things that I post or the fashion I showcase on my account have a sort of indirect influence. But that’s the result of being a part of this profession. So, I wouldn’t call myself a fashion influencer.

Esther Anil Speaks To Us About Her Amazing Fashion Formulae
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Could you share with us your favorite looks?

One of them would be definitely the recent SIIMA look. Out of all the times I have been dolled up, there has never been a dull moment. My college Ethnic day look would be next on my list. I remember wearing a simple saree and a choker for it but it was received pretty well. Then, if I remember, there was one look where I had worn leather pants with a very basic crop top. That look was really appreciated and I even found it on the list of best-dressed celebs.

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How do you deal with the nasty and negative comments on your bold and beautiful looks? We noticed that during one of your Onam photoshoots, you had to literally switch off the comment section. Would you like to share the experience with us?

Firstly, when we do shoots and post the results online, we don’t expect this negativity in the first place. It is supposed to be a professional shoot and more than boldness, it showcases the art of capturing the moment, the craft behind the attire, and so on. And during the pandemic, we saw a lot of photoshoots on similar notes. Since people were free, there was a larger response than anticipated.

Esther Anil Speaks To Us About Her Amazing Fashion Formulae
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Coming to the response, frankly, I don’t know how I dealt with the negative comments but I feel that I handled it pretty well. I usually don’t talk much about the entire issue since I feel the decision was very personal. I muted the comments to help myself stay away from hurtful and filthy comments. Times have changed since then.

Now, however, many people have become more confident with so-called “bold and sexy” shoots. Change is happening around us and so is the perception.

Do you think the fashion game of Mollywood needs to upgrade? What are your thoughts on it?

Okay, this is an interesting question even though I have discussed this many times. I haven’t shared this in the open. My answer is no, Let me explain my side of the story.

I love this industry as it is in terms of fashion. There are many faces trying to bring in their own unique fashion moods but there are many who don’t. I feel that our industry is free of such pressure. You aren’t expected to look in a certain way or dress in a certain way. There isn’t a mold where you are expected to fit in.

In industries like Bollywood or so, the majority of the actors follow a specific health regime and dermatological procedures. But in our industry, it is different. You are known by your work rather than any other shades. I feel that’s a huge difference and an impactful characteristic that makes our people relatable to the common audience. It’s a simple yet beautiful thing. I would want that to stay the same.

So, I would say that let our people be the way they want rather than defining the same fashion path for them.

Your top favorite designers from Mollywood.

Well, it would be just one as of now- Poornima Indrajith. She has been consistent in this field for so long and her work is amazing. Other than her, right now I can’t think of anyone else in terms of consistency and quality.

Your recent fashion obsession would be?

Shirts. Stylish, comfortable, and super chic!

Esther Anil Speaks To Us About Her Amazing Fashion Formulae
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An actor, a model, an influencer, what is it that you would like to concentrate the most on these?

An actor. Due to my social media presence, I am an influencer but that’s not something I put a lot of effort into. Similarly, in the case of modeling too, I do that due to the offers received rather than having an ardent desire to do it. But I love cinema and I really feel grateful to have been able to be a part of many wonderful projects.

Esther Anil Speaks To Us About Her Amazing Fashion Formulae
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And to be frank, if I had other options with me, I would have loved to explore one of my fields of education and make a career out of it. I would love to study more and make a living out of it.

Time and again, Esther Anil has made an impact with her sartorial choices. Even though she prefers comfort dressing, she isn’t afraid of experimenting with fashion. We had a lovely conversation with Esther and we hope she fulfills all her aims, professionally and personally.

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