Anusree’s Fashion Choices Is Every Fashionista’s Dream

When it comes to seeking style inspirations, Anusree’s fashion choices are always reliable. After her humble debut in Diamond Necklace opposite Fahadh Faasil, she has come a long way with her acting and of course, smart fashion choices. Read on as we embark on a quest to decode her fashion hits.

Slay in Saree Avataars

Draping the six yards of sheer elegance is no piece of cake. The other complementary factors such as hair, makeup and accessories need to match the perfection of the saree. That’s why we really love how Anusree looks charming in her saree avatars.

This embellished saree from Paris De Boutique is pure bliss to stare at, along with that fabulous hairstyle by the duo Sajith and Sujith, accompanied by Pinky Visal. Styled by Sabarinath K, those pretty earrings by Allure are lovely add-ons.

We were truly impressed with her pick of sustainable fashion with brands like Jugalbandhi, which is known to promote Indian craftsmanship with traditional and artistic ways of designing. It’s really incredible to know that many celebrities are choosing sustainable fashion over fast fashion.

She has a special charm when it comes to sarees. Be it an organza drape or a Kanjeevaram Silk Saree, she carries it all with impeccable class and poise.

The best part about her looks is that it is re-creatable. That’s why many fashionistas look up to her style statements. And we can’t argue on that a bit.

Gym-looks to Inspire

Many B-town beauties are often seen flaunting their gym looks. Comparatively, our M-town beauties aren’t that experimental with it. But seeing Anusree share her gym looks was really refreshing. And all of them were super chic and trendy.

If (and when) gym looks become the talk of the town, all of her athleisure styles are surely gonna go onto many idea boards.
Her posts, stories encouraging fitness and explaining the benefits of Yoga are truly inspirational too.

The Girl Next Door Diaries

This is our favourite part. In many instances, her style is so realistic that it doesn’t make us feel impractical to recreate it. Many times, people feel that only costly attires or makeup can make you stylish. But, isn’t that whole concept an illusion?

Quite often, Anusree shows off her simple ‘girl-next-door’ looks effortlessly. And we are in love with it.

Simple, stylish and light-weight looks from her IG are literally go-to styles we would want to see more of. Be it her cute outfits or pretty hairstyles, we are in for all of them.

Growing up, almost all of us might have had at least one Pattu Pavada in our wardrobe, isn’t it? And seeing it amazingly styled brings back lots of memories to each one of us.

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Sometimes, we forget how pretty our traditional attires are!

A Malayali Manga Saga

If you are looking for something like a Malayalo Manga inspired look, then you can surely seek remarkable inspiration from Anusree’s fashion choices.

From our Kasavu Set saree, Kasavu mundu to Dhawani and Pattu Pavada, you will get to explore everything from Anusree’s style cabinet.

Every intrinsic detailing is beyond beautiful. Therefore, we bring you some of her finest looks. Let’s take a minute to adore this beautiful Kasavu Saree look.

We can’t stop talking about the balance she maintains in her traditional attires. Please take notes on how to be simple and stylish here.
The other star among the list of Naadan outfits is definitely a Pattu Pavada. It can be styled in different ways. Here, we show you two of our favourite picks of Anusree.
We love how the layered chokers make this look elegant and super trendy. Do take a look at the beautiful sleeves of Kasavu making the entire look so warm and stylish. And how can we ever ditch our very own Kuppivalas?

Her next prominent traditional fashion goal is definitely a Dhawani. Can you see how refined the styling is? Would you look at that classy Mullapoov addition as her hair accessories?

Next, we would like to add a Kasavu Set Mundu to the list. We really adore how her hair is kept minimal here. The attire speaks the loudest with minimal accessories to tell her fashion tale.

Hot and Happening

It is simply astonishing how she is able to carry suits with so much power and hotness. From her messy hair to her sassy shade of attire, we are totally mesmerized.

As you can see here, the slit-satin gown with bold lips feels heavenly. Those soft mushy curls take the entire look to another level.

One of the bold and beautiful looks from Anusree’s wardrobe has to be from her ‘Narumughiye‘ series. Beautifully styled and conceptualised, the lehenga is a stunning show-stealer with that detailed backless blouse. The attire, designed by Tiya Neil, is definitely a sight to behold. The complete styling, accessories, attire and concept were a terrific hit.

The Experimental Phase

Fashion is all about experiments. Hits and misses are just a part of it. One look at Anusree’s fashion choices, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Take a look at this gorgeously draped and styled attire designed by Byhand, a conscious and ethical fashion venture by Rajendra Prasad. From the pleats to the makeup and the statement neckpiece, everything seems so perfectly blended.

The other experimental look that won our hearts has to be this beautiful pair of a coordinated sets by Lisitha Nalakath.

Bold Lips! The entire focal point here has to be Anusree’s bold lips. It is a simple hack that will work like magic to make any look outstandingly fierce.

Short hair, bold eyes and powerful attire, YES, We love it! Short hair has been in trend forever. But styling makes all the difference.

Unfiltered Moments

We really love how her IG account is a blend of personal and professional pictures.

We get a peek into her personal life, where she is just her authentic self. No makeup and no stardom, just one of us enjoying her life in the comfort of her PJs and her cute little pet. (Oh, yeah She’s a proud Dog Mom!)

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Her profile is a personification of the ‘Own Your Body’ tag.

This was our honest opinion about Anusree’s fashion choices. But do let us know if missed any of your favourite choices.

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