How To Dazzle In A Dhavani For Onam

For women who are searching for a Pattu Pavada alternative, Dhavani can be a perfect choice. To those who don’t want something as messy as a Saree, Dhavani can step in. This is something very similar to a Lehenga choli/ Ghagra choli. The difference lies in the fabric, which is lighter than the others. Let me give you a Dhavani tour.

Did you Know?

Dhavani, as per traditional customs, is an attire given to teen girls. This is also known as a ‘Half-Saree’ or a ‘Langa Voni’ in many parts of the south. As per many old traditional beliefs, Dhavani denotes the puberty of a girl. If she stops wearing a Dhavani, then it is considered that she is of “marriageable” age. Also, as per the tradition, when a girl “comes of age”, she is gifted a Dhavani and a saree, which replaces her Pattu Pavada. Different phases of womanhood are acknowledged through clothes.

After the needful invasion of fashion and modern enhancements, a Dhavani has become a usual attire. So, let us see how to dazzle in a Dhavani for Onam this year!

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Mono-Colour Ensemble

You can choose a Mono-coloured Dhavani set for this Onam. The skirt, blouse and dupatta ensemble should have the same colour palette with minimal designs. Complete the look with accessories that highlight the outfit. If your outfit is very low-key, then choose a heavy accessory. If not, go for simple ones. 

Minimal Design

Choose plain solid coloured fabrics without any embellishments or designs on them. The key to rock this look lies in the selection of colours. Keep any two out of the three-piece attire the same. Follow this simple policy to get a minimal yet beautiful look.

Handloom Sets

Dhavani sets look majestic when they are made out of handloom cotton fabrics. They might cost more than the usual set. This is due to a large amount of labour that goes behind its creation. Nowadays, there are many places available where you can customise them.

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Silk Dhavani Set

If you are a fan of silk, then you should definitely try this. Choose a bold colour for your skirt and blouse. Select a lighter shade for the dupatta. This will highlight the bold silk fabric and create a very royal look.

Colour Contrast

Play with colours when it comes to a Dhavani. Try to add colours that suit your personality and aura. Always go with the colour gradients to choose the best contrasting shades. Make it simple and stunning! Just like this one below.

 Mix and Match

Try mixing colours, patterns and designs. This idea might not sound that good but trust our tricks and tips. They always work! The idea we propose here is to go for small patterns. Any kind of look becomes elegant when intricate detailing and small patterns coincide.

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Multi-Colour Dupatta

This is one of the underrated Dhavani looks among the lot! A multi-shaded Dupatta can do wonders with your entire look. Your fashion game shall rise in no time with this style. It’s a simple to look that would add sheer grace to any outfit. Don’t trust us, see for yourself!

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Here are a few of our Dhavani look suggestions. Let us know your favourite.

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