15 Times Shobana Stunned Us With Her Style

Very few names are as popular as that of Shobana when it comes to dancing, acting and style statements. We decided to decode the style elements from the very beginning of her journey. All are well aware of the fact that Shobana is the epitome of elegance. Why wait any further? Let’s see how 15 times Shobana stunned us all with her style:

  1. We can’t stop adoring this. A simple turtle neck top, a definite lip-gloss added to minimal golden accessories. This beloved modern trend is something that Shobana wore years ago! The word “drop-dead gorgeous” is the only thing we can think of after seeing this diva.

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  1. Is the temperature rising? Or is it the fashion bar that’s shooting up with each picture? A uni-colour saree blouse combination with some funky pieces of jewellery. Some serious fashion goals to seek from this one. Hope you are noting this down!
Shobana stunned us all with her style
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  1. Polka dotted dress, red lips and a blow-dried fluffy hairstyle. Can we please take a moment to digest the fact that this image is an era old? This bubbly style is still alive with a very huge audience to cheer for! Now, you do understand why this is one of the many times Shobana stunned us all with her style, right?
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  1. Embellished gown with an awesome set of silver accessories is “the perfect picture”. The winged eyeliner levels up her entire aura. This styling makes the muse breathtakingly gorgeous.
Shobana stunned us all with her style
Source: Vidamaatex
  1. We are still amazed about the return of satin tops in the fashion business. Needless to say, this fashion was something way back from the old gen. But we would like to appreciate how this oversized- satin shirt is stealing the show here.
  1. A fine evening, there is this slight Naadodikaatu passing by, and then the Vyshaka Sandhya would remind us of this. Shobana was a bliss to watch, paired up with Mohanlal. The serene chemistry between them is still loved. Also, the subtle fashion of cotton sarees and high-neck blouses were popular thereafter.
  1. We are in love with those statement earrings. A very low key dress added with some amazing piece of accessories could make anyone look an instant hit! This mantra is years and years old. Not to forget, Shobana knows to slay even in something as basic as this golden Kurti!

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  1. The popular reputation of Chokers is proof of this old love from the fashionistas. The fashion quotient gets a huge upgrade when one chooses to wear a choker necklace. Special applause for this look and the choice of accessories herein!
Shobana stunned us all with her style
Source: Vidamaatex
  1. If we could ask one question, that would be “Gangee, why so pretty?” The movie Manichitratazhu is an intersection of phenomenal acting,  dancing, story, and music. Not to miss out on the exquisitely designed attires for Shobana which enhanced her character. Any fashion aspirant would want her dreamy wardrobe from this movie.
  1. This image surprises us a bit, to be honest. A clean sleek mid parted hair-do with perfect eyeliner is such a bang on look to go for. The flawlessly blended cheek tint, a very sober lip shade sums up to perfection. This beautiful droplet earring should be a must-have for the girls who love to style! A huge thumbs up to this fashion-perfect look!
Source: Vidamaatex
  1. This is how we would look at those who say that ‘Florals don’t have a life in fashion”. Excuse us? We would like to quote that florals will rule till eternity. We all love how this look of Shobana is very minimally floral. The mullapoo adds grace and life to the style. A plain blouse with a floral saree is always a win-win.
Shobana stunned us all with her style
  1. This movie made oxidised silver jewellery and Bandhani outfits a trend among women in the 80s and 90s. Thenmaavin Kombathu set some major style statements through Shobana. Be it her oversized Jumkas or the huge dupattas wrapped around the waist, it all made us go crazy over it.
  1. It is quite amazing that Shobana’s old styles are still in fashion. What can we not love about this look? If you are a fashion enthusiast then you might have seen similar satin tops even now. The white skirt with the strappy sandals and a gorgeous sling bag just completes the look!
Shobana Stunned Us With Her Style
Source: Vidamaatex
  1. The next look is from the movie Minnaram. Shobana from this movie is a sure shot fashion inspiration to all. Her fashion transition from a college girl to a mature woman is amazingly shown in the movie.

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Shobana stunned us all with her style

Shobana in fringe style is the next level of fashion supremacy we believe in!

Shobana Stunned Us With Her Style
  1. We don’t think there are Malayalis who haven’t heard Sreeragamo at least once in their lives. 
Shobana Stunned Us With Her Style

What adjectives should we use to describe the elegance of this song? The sizzling chemistry of the pair on-screen? Above all, how can we describe Shobana – the personification of grace and beauty in the whole song? There is just one word for all of the looks- “divine”.

These were the 15 times Shobana stunned us all with her style. But we might have missed some for sure. Why don’t you let us know in the comment section? We would love to hear what you have got to say!

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