The Millennial Twists To The Kerala Saree

Any Kasavu saree lovers out there? Specifically, any Kasavu saree lover out there who would love to experiment with the traditional outfit to ace the fashion game? When it comes to draping a traditional Kerala saree, women get divided into two. The first type is people who love to preserve the so-called “Malayala Tanima” in their Kasavu Sarees without any experimentation. And the second type, people who love to level up the style statement of their look. So, let us discuss the millennial Twists to the Kerala Saree!

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Wait, before you judge on this seemingly outdated idea, let us clarify that we aren’t talking about just some random denim jackets or jeans to pair up. We suggest that you pair up the ‘saree look’ with a considerably long denim jacket. Pair up all the accessories that you feel like pairing it up with. Manage a sleek bun, wear some mullapoo on your hair bun and you are done! Please don’t forget to pair it with heels ladies!

Lehenga with the saree

Is the Kerala Saree too hard to manage? Then what if we transform it into a lehenga? Who doesn’t love wearing a lehenga and swirling in your gorgeous attire? If you are not sure about how to make a lehenga out of your saree then here is how you do it – Create pleats out of your Kerala saree and tuck it into your inner skirt. Keep repeating this and fasten it with pins. And depending on what length you prefer of the pallu, just drape it. Simple as that! 

Off-shoulder blouse and a Dhoti style drape

A Kerala saree with an off-shoulder blouse can elevate your fashion game in no time. As we know the trend is bouncing with off-shoulder tops, cold-shoulder blouses and bell sleeves, a combo of all this would be just perfect! Don’t agree with us? Just look at the image above! If you want to add more to it, just go with the Dhoti drape and look at that diva in the mirror! Nope, it ain’t me but it’s you!

And yeah, you can pair it up with some choker and the accessories of your choice.

Jersey as the blouse

You heard it right. You might be wondering how we can suggest something so weird, right? But take a minute and think. Why would this be weird? Why can’t your favourite jersey be used as a blouse? We definitely support the idea of that experimentation because we believe that fashion is all about experiments with confidence. So, take the jersey of your favourite team and ace the look girls! Pair it up with some sneakers and you are done to rock your style!

Pop colours

While choosing the colors of the blouse, why not try something that pops and stands out in the crowd? We suggest some of the shades of orange, pink and green that would give you a fresh and stylish look. Ace it up with some traditional jewellery and see how chic you look. You can go with some low neck blouses too and that’ll definitely level up your look game!

Fashion is all about trial and error. And draping a traditional saree by adding some millennial elements to it does no harm. The ‘Malayali manka’ of this gen can definitely afford to elevate her fashion game with some experiments on the beloved Kerala saree. Hope you loved our ideas on the millennial twists to the Kerala saree, and you know what we would love even more? Hearing from you! Do tell us your comments and suggestions! Keep your fashion game on point divas!

Padma Nair
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