Sufiyum Sujatayum: 7 Reasons To Own Sujata’s Wardrobe

People have been going gaga about Sufiyum Sujatayum ever since it got released. Be it the characters, places, songs, everything had a unique flavour. Needless to say, Aditi Rao Hydari looked splendid (Sujata) throughout the film. Her style was a very proportionate mix of simplicity and elegance.

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So, here we are, with our thoughts about 7 reasons to own Sujatha’s wardrobe.

Sujata was a treat for the eyes in the movie, and thanks to her, the endangered species called Anarkali is back in fashion. The humble floor-length Anarkali was brought back to life after this movie. A solid-colour Anarkali with a net-dupatta was the rage after people saw Sufi fall in love with Sujata.

Another attire that Sujata brought back was the long lost dhavani saree. We almost forgot that this basic attire could amp up your fashion game. Simplicity at its best, all you need to do is combine the dhavani with some kuppivalas, jimiki, and paadaswaram, to ace the naadan look. Thanks for the reminder, Sujata!

After the release of this movie, women fell in love with the evergreen puff-sleeves once again. We inherit this blouse design from the older generation, but the thing to note is the underlying trick – puff sleeves highlight your arms. As you can see, it reveals a major part of your arms. So, we would like to give a healthy warning to all who want to try this for this might make your arms look chubbier than they are.

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See, even Sujata is smiling at us for this tip. Contrast always works. It works better than most other experiments. Whichever colour you choose, go for a darker shade for the part that covers the larger part of your body. Here you can see a maroon shade and poppy blue playing their magic. So, contrast pieces of clothing always win!

P.S. Only one of them should have a print or a pattern on it.

The next style we would like you to take inspiration from is this blouse design. This is a 3/4th sleeve floral kalamkari work. And see how well it blends in with the dupatta that she has paired it with. Simple and beautiful. Your dupatta’s colour should match the darker shades of the blouse design, and your skirt should match the lighter shades of the blouse design. See for yourself, easy-breezy tip, isn’t it?

After “Entemmede Jimiki Kammal”, if there’s anything that brought jimkis back to trend, then it is this movie. The subtle jimiki made a loud presence in Sujata’s style statement. They were tiny yet they made a notable change in Sujata’s look. This is why we always say- “Little things make a huge difference”. This applies to fashion too.

Say hello to an extended family member of the puff-sleeved blouse species. This design is popularly known as a double-bordered puff-sleeve or exaggerated puff-sleeve blouse. This design is new yet old. A combination of puff sleeves and 3/4th sleeves. We would definitely give this a green signal. A complete rockstar of the trend these days. 

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And with that, we come to the end of our list of 7 reasons to own Sujata’s wardrobe. If you are someone who prefers simple styles then you must seek inspiration from these styles. And do tell us (in comments) if we’ve missed something interesting from Sujata’s wardrobe.

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