Pocket-friendly Styling Tips For Onam

This is the second Onam amidst the pandemic. Needless to say, the pandemic has affected our economic stability adversely. Spending on clothes is something that many are trying to avoid. So we thought of bringing you some ways to cut short your expenses on Onam attires and give you some styling tips.  

Let’s look at some pocket-friendly styling tips for this Onam.

Attack your Amma’s wardrobe

If you have started the cloth hunt then why spare your Amma’s wardrobe? The idea is to reuse, recycle, restyle any of your mother’s old saree. 

Ladies, NEVER underestimate your Amma’s collection. There is a common trait among many women to hoard clothes. So, invade them and reinvent something for yourselves. Make your creativity work girls! Be it an old Silk Saree or a Salwar Suit, keep innovating.

Beg, Borrow and steal

Oh, did we say something silly? Naah! Your confused face tells us that you didn’t get what we meant! 

The idea is to beg from your close-knitted group, borrow from your not no close gang and steal from siblings! You heard it right. Many of us think that this option is not reasonable. But why? This is one of the most feasible ways to look great. 

P.S. Your success ratio depends upon how well you can make a puppy-face while doing any of these.

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The Return of Kuppivala and Karimashi

Describe a “Naadan Penkutty”.

The answer to this question will undoubtedly have Kuppivala and Karimashi in it. That’s the main point to be highlighted. Why not include some basic Kuppivala and Karimashi to ace your Onam look? Switch to these rather than the costly liners and accessories.

P.S. Kuppivalas are still trendy traditional accessories.


Thrifting is still considered an alien concept by many of us. There are many small businesses that can help you with this. For eg- atticisyours.

You can buy and sell clothes (pre-owned, gently used) online. Isn’t that an interesting way to sell your least used dresses? Also, it can be an economical option if you want to spend less. So, think and shop from a thrift store this Onam!


Many Malayali women end up spending more on the blouse than the saree. To put a check on this, why not style your saree with a shirt? Handloom cotton Sarees go really well with shirts. Stylish and an affordable choice. FYI, if you don’t have one, you can always try and experiment with a borrowed shirt!

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Turtleneck Tops/T-shirts

You can really rock with a Turtle-Neck top and a saree. Many of us might have hesitations about this. But if you have any doubts, refer to the pretty image we have found for you!

Also, T-shirts are the safest choice when it comes to loose-comfy blouses. Tees are a very strong blend of fashion, comfort and a pinch of Swag! In case you don’t trust our tip then this here is proof from a global stage!

DIY prints

There are many DIY videos that you can refer to these days. You can use easily available fabric colours to print any old kasavu saree to give it a twist. Now, you might say that you do not know how to draw. The short answer to that is to remind you of your drawing classes in school. You don’t have to paint Raphael’s masterpiece. Just simple floral prints or alphabets or any small designs with a specific colour will suffice. 

Crop tops with Saree

You can pair up any of your favourite crop tops with a Kasavu Saree/Set-Mundu. This is a very easy hack to follow if you are not in a mood to spend much on blouses.

Here, you can see a simple yellow-crop top paired up with our very own traditional attire!

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Saree Blouses Using Old Pattupavada

You can re-use fabric from your old Pattupavada or an old Silk-Saree. A very cute Blouse/Crop- top is what you can stitch out of it. This can save the money you’d spend on buying costly fabrics. 

Pocket-friendly Styling Tips For Onam
Courtesy: Archana, Photo: Vaisakh

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Pocket-friendly Styling Tips For Onam
Courtesy: Archana, Photo: Vaisakh

Reusing Lehenga/Ghagra Blouses

Almost all girls have heavily embellished/embroidered blouses of an unused Lehenga/Ghagra. This is the occasion to take that out. Since our traditional attire is plain, anything and everything can go with it. So use this trick to level up your fashion position!

Courtesy: Shivani Sarat

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These were some suggestions on pocket-friendly styling tips for this Onam. And somewhere we all know that “Ullad Kondu Onam Pole” still is the core of this festival. Let us know if you have suggestions on styling tips! Happy Onam peeps!

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