Malayalam Movie Things We’d Like To Try

There are often things you’d see in Malayalam movies and you wonder if they actually happen in real life. And if they do, you want to try it out asap. Here are 8 such things that we’d like to try.

Meet a stranger who starts telling his love story and then gets to witness the climax

People always seem to do this in movies on buses, trains and boats, while I haven’t even been part of a samooha love story telling session even once.

Wear a baby goat around the neck

If you’re a village belle doing a solo number while running through the padam, then you gotta wear a baby goat around your neck. Is this the actual way people carry goats? Are the goats okay with it? The underbelly of the goat on the back of your neck, that’s got to be a weird feeling, right?

Drive to the hospital while sitting on the bonnet of a car

So the next time you’re sick and need to go to the hospital, just hop onto the bonnet and hold tight till you get there. The fresh air will do you good. And also in the current scenario, it’s the perfect way to keep germs from getting into your car.

Do the Malar hand gesture at a wedding

How fun would it be to just walk into a random wedding, click a picture with the bride and groom, then while walking away turn and look at the groom soulfully and do the iconic Malar hand gesture thing and just exit, leaving the bride all indignant going, “OK, who the f was that?”

Smoke during your wedding

We do not endorse smoking in any way or form. But it would also be kinda fun to dare your friend/cousin to do this at her wedding. You know, just to see what the audience reaction would be like.

Cut a vazha in otta-vett (preferably neighbour’s)

This is just because it looks so fun and stress-relieving. Just running around someone’s paramb and chopping things down. Aha endh resam!

Gift your friend/cousin (who is almost an adult) balloons for their birthday

And we’re not even talking about those fancy shiny balloons with funny messages on them or anything, Just a bunch of random sadass balloons. The look on their face would be priceless.

Sleep in the middle of the road

C’mon, don’t deny it, the thought has crossed your mind at least once, no? When Noah and Allie did the same thing in The Notebook, everyone went all “Aww, how romantic!”. And when Jagathi chetan did and even used a methapaaya unlike those two unhygienic kids, aarkum oru vela illa.

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So what are some Malayalam movie things that you’d like to try?


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