The Rise Of Minimal Brides In Kerala

The terms “Minimal” and “Marriage” seems to be antonyms in the context of Indian marriages. With the changing times, fashion-loving millennials and Gen-Zs are more fascinated by the minimal concepts. You heard it right! Minimal brides are increasing day by day. Join us as we discuss style and the uprise of the minimal brides in town!

It’s your choice

Let that sink in. You should look the way you want to on your wedding day. Be it minimal or be it extravagant, your choice should be the final word. Many brides wear uncomfortable pieces of jewellery and sarees for the namesake of hollow family pride. Just wait a moment, rethink this – Who is getting married here? You, right? 

Then choose for yourself. It is your big day and the ultimate decision of what to wear and how much to wear lies with you!

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Easy-breezy fairy tales

Unlike olden times, things have changed drastically. There are a lot of benefits if you switch to minimal saree designs. Also, the lesser accessories you wear, the easier it is to groove!

For example, look at this wonderful image we stumbled upon. A happy bride with minimal attire and accessories. The only thing that catches our attention here is the smile on the bride’s face. Isn’t that what the big day is all about?

Sneakers can sneak in too

Being a bride opens up a lot of opportunities to explore. There are many instances where brides rocked it like a pro in sneakers on their big day. It is a myth that one has to follow the ‘heels under the saree’ mantra all the time. Your big day should include all the things that you love. Let us emphasise the ‘YOU’ part from the previous statement. Well, if you think we are kidding and one cannot look good with sneakers and a saree, then here is our proof:

Keeping heavy accessories at bay

To all the confused brides-to-be, keeping heavy accessories at bay won’t make you less beautiful, bae! We assure you that. Again, it is your decision to choose what you want to pair up with your saree. If your saree can speak elegantly for itself, why wear heavy pieces over it? Many feel that marriage is the day when you are supposed to wear all that you have. Sorry to burst that bubble, it is not so. Here is our proof of how you can allow your saree to speak for itself! 

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Statement accessories can stand alone

If you have chosen a low profile saree then let your statement accessory do the talking. You can try a bold neckpiece/earring/maangtikka to keep it innovative. This can draw attention to the accessory you have chosen. Let us see how this looks in real life: 

Baby’s breath can steal the show!

If you love flowers but you want something better than the traditional ones, this is it. Baby’s breath is known for its durability. They stay fresh longer. Also, they improve the overall style of your hair-do. You can go for free-hair style or pleated ones with this. They can also be inserted in between other flowers of a darker shade.

Dark and contrast dupatta

If you are someone who does not prefer a heavy dupatta then play with colours. Go for a simple one, but it should be of a lighter shade than the lehenga you wear. Basically, we create a scenario where the attention goes to the dupatta for the colour. In the following image, the bride has chosen a dark blue shade for her lehenga and blouse. But the contrasting shade for the dupatta is the star here. This is a modest yet eye-catchy trick to look simple and stylish on your big day.

Minimal Brides
Source: Nourin Afsal

Power Suit

Should you hesitate to go out of the league on your big day? NO!

Why should you hesitate to try things that you want to? You may take inspiration from this boss-babe bride who chose a POWER SUIT for her wedding! It is minimally stylish and elegant. If you ask us, we are with all those fashionistas who break rules. Because you set new trends by breaking the old ones, got it? 

Source: Shaadisaga

Off-shoulder Blouse with subtle neckpiece

An off-shoulder blouse with a humble neckpiece can be breathtaking! Whenever you choose an off-shoulder top, keep in mind that your accessories should complement it. Never choose something that would overshadow it. If you are wondering about what this would look like, then here’s what it looks like:

Source: Vogue

Belt it up

The new star among many millennial brides is the old belt. Be it a saree or a gown, the belt is trending. For example, just look at the intricate details on the belt of this lovely bride. The whole Rose-gold themed attire with black-metal accessories levels up her fashion game.  The idea of skipping the neckpiece over a detailed neckline is also a winner here. 

These are some reasons why the rise of Minimal Brides is cool. But once again, we feel that how to look on her big day should be entirely a bride’s call. Be it a grand wedding or an intimate one, the choices should be upon the bride. If you would like to add-on to these minimal brides list, do let us know in the comment section below!

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