Reasons To Wear A Pattu Pavada This Onam

Many of us have owned a Pattu Pavada at least once in our lifetime. From childhood to adulthood, this attire has been a constant in many wardrobes. A South-Indian girl’s fashion closet is nearly incomplete without this. But did you know that Pattu Pavada was designed according to a girl’s age? No, Right? Then, join us as we explore the history and the reasons to wear a Pattu Pavada this Onam! 

A Brief Walkthrough of Pattu Pavada’s History

In the olden era, Pattu Pavada was an attire worn by girls who haven’t hit puberty. Pattu refers to ‘Silk’ and Pavada means- the Skirt. The Pavada reaches till ankle and is tied around the waist. A blouse reaches till hip. (usually a contrasting colour to the Pavada). It is said that a Pattu Pavada depicts a free phase of a girl’s life. A carefree childhood filled with innocence, naughtiness and a lot of playfulness. As the girl ages, the transformation is showcased through her attires too.

In addition to this attire, a dupatta is draped over the Pattu Pavada. This then becomes a Dhavani and denotes that the girl has hit puberty. There are many stories and traditions associated with the same. In some parts, when a girl comes of age, she is gifted a Dhavani and a saree. This is to denote that she is stepping into a new phase. 

As fashion is bringing in a lot of transformations and transitions, Pattu Pavada also received many variations. Be it colour, pattern, texture and the overall design, many things have changed in a Pattu Pavada. 

Let us see why you should wear a Pattu Pavada this Onam


The beauty of this traditional South-Indian attire lies in its simplicity. Many people choose this for the same reason. The popularity of this attire is something eternal. This attire makes you feel closer to your culture and heritage. 

Wear A Pattu Pavada This Onam
Courtesy: Aswati Divakaran

Traditional Attire

This is a go-to outfit for many girls when it comes to traditional clothes. To many people, the “Naadan” look is directly proportional to Pattu Pavada. Several temples still prohibit western clothes and Salwar Suits inside their sanctity. So, in such situations, a humble Pattu Pavada can save your day.

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Any affair involving a Dupatta can be annoying and hard to carry when you travel. But with a Pattu Pavada, there is no need for any kind of add-ons. This is an impeccable and manageable attire that is easy to handle.

Wear A Pattu Pavada This Onam
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Easy to Style

When it comes to styling, this attire needs no additional help! You can pair it up with a simple set of accessories. You can choose either something bulky to go with it or something breezy. In both cases, the final look will be beautiful.       

Colour Blocks

The fun thing about this is its amazingly acceptable and available colour variations. You can get the rarest of the rarest shade gracefully blended with a bold, contrasting shade. The broad silk embarked patterns and borders can steal a show!

Wear A Pattu Pavada This Onam
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This ensemble can be reused and restyled with many other outfits. The blouse of this attire can be worn with a saree. The skirt can be teamed up with something modern to create a fusion, fashionable look. Whichever style you choose, this fits in well.

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Cost effectiveness is also a good reason to have a Pattu Pavada. The attire is comparatively cheaper than the other traditional outfits. It can be either stitched out of an existing fabric (a used saree) or brought ready to wear. In both cases, it is quite easy on our wallets.

Intricate designs

Did you know that majority of the designs on your Pattu Pavada is based on the sculptures of the temple? The traditional fabric used has designs dedicated to old wall paintings and other art found in the temple. This made it an official temple-based attire. Why wouldn’t you want to own such a beautiful outfit?

Wear A Pattu Pavada This Onam
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These are the main reasons to wear a Pattu Pavada this Onam. Would you like to add some? Then let us know them in the comments below!

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