Practical Picks That Every Man Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Men’s fashion is gaining popularity and it is bound to change the style game for many. Right from casuals to cocktail party wear, you’ll find a range of apparel suited for men. In this article, we’re going to look at practical picks that any man would look great donning.


When I say classics, they also mean the basics. The common shades of white, black and blue/grey come under this umbrella term.

Many tend to overlook the basics. A normal black and white shirt, and T-shirts can be a great addition to your collection. Jeans, pants or trousers in these shades are great updates to your boring wardrobe.

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You can wear them in any order and they will work all the time. Blue jeans can carry a black, white or grey T-shirt just as much as black jeans can. So, these classics are must-have pairs to own.

Brand New Beige

Beige is now in fashion. This colour can make a great companion to dark shades like black/blue or brown! If you are trying for a shirt/Tee of beige shade then go for black jeans/trousers. The highlight of this shade is that it suits almost all kinds of body tones/types and they look really tasteful. Also, a special mention to the wonderful beige and ice-blue shirt combo to make things even better!


Layering is a smart hack to stand out. Most people are too lazy to layer, but this is one thing that will level up your fashion game. To begin with, you can layer your checked shirt or a printed shirt on top of a very basic white/black shirt.

You can also try a denim shirt on top of your basics. They always add a spark to your overall look!


Jackets are really important assets to your wardrobe. A simple black jacket, denim jacket or classic printed jacket; having at least one of these is essential. They come in handy not only as a style element but can also come in handy for shorter trips to hill stations. So it’s a win-win situation anyhow!

Ethnic wears

When it comes to ethnic wear, I have seen many guys evading it. But kurtas are extremely underrated. They are really comfortable and stylish. They can be styled in so many ways!

To begin with there are many types of them available. The long kurta, V-neck short Kurta, Mandarin-neck Kurta, Embroidered Kurta, Asymmetric Kurta, and so on. And if you have a Nehru Jacket too, what possibilities!

Having at least one of these in your wardrobe is advised.

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Playing with patterns is fun.

Be it your shirts/Tshirt or bottom wears, printed ones are always fun to wear! Floral pattern shirts, printed shirts, ombre coloured T-shirts, and printed joggers will give your wardrobe the oomph it needs.

Get a pair of these designs yourself and see how your style changes.

The best ones of course are checked shirts, which are a treat to style!


For your wardrobe to be complete, hoodies, sweatshirts and pullovers are a must! They elevate the whole fashion mood board in no time.

But for sweatshirts, brighter shades stand out. Olive, Ice-blue, mustard yellow, and grey sweatshirts make great attires if paired with proper bottom wear!

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If you are going for hoodies then you may go for some basic solid shades.


Everyone loves T-shirts. But detailing is the main character of this game. When you buy a T-shirt, from the colour to its neckline and sleeves, everything matters.

Crew-neck T-shirts, Polo T-shirts, Button-down T-shirts, V-neck T-shirts, Ombre dyed T-shirts, Round-neck T-shirts, Solid T-shirts, and Printed T-shirts are the most commonly seen ones. So, having some of these in your wardrobe will be very useful to style accordingly!


Korach Koodipoyo? Ille illa!!

Blazers and Waistcoats can be worn on special occasions. A casual black blazer can be a one-time investment. This is because a blazer can be re-styled with any coloured shirt you want to. Basic black goes with almost all shades of shirts.

And you can buy waistcoats as per your style. There are sleeveless waistcoats, slim-fit Nehru waistcoats, sleeveless-solid waistcoats, floral waistcoats and many more. Generally, they are cheaper than grand blazer suit sets. So, you can try the patterns, colours and styles and find one that you like.

Remember, they are a great choice for any occasion where you wish to stand out!


When it comes to necklines for menswear, the major winner is a round-neck or a v-neck. But there are other necklines like mandarin collars, Cuban collars, cut-away collars, Notched-lapels, turtle necks and so on.

You need to try different ones and find the ones that suit you. But before you add any new member to your wardrobe, keep in mind that your wardrobe needs to be as diverse as it can be.

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These were some practical picks from us. Do you mind sharing some of your ideas? Let us know them in the comment section below!

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