Times When Revathi Made Us Fall In Love With Her Fashion

Revathi is one of the finest actresses we’ve ever seen! Her versatility has never failed to amuse the audience. Her grace and beauty with an impeccable fashion game always charmed her audience.

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Be it simple silhouettes or traditional attires, she nailed them all equally. We’re taking you on a tour of the times Revathi made us fall in love with her fashion.


A 1991 release, starring Mohanlal, Revathi, Thilakan, Jagathy Sreekumar, this movie saw some career-best performances from its lead cast. It was one of the most memorable movies in Mollywood. Revathi who played Nandini flaunted some amazingly beautiful looks throughout the movie.

A well-styled slow fashion transformation of a carefree girl into a loving daughter.

Times When Revathi Made Us Fall In Love With Her Fashion

Highlighting the epic introductory style statement of a messy high-bun with a red turtleneck top, pleated black skirt, red gloves and a brown sling, her style is still in fashion (No Kidding!)

The progression to subtle and soft shades of white, mauve in her sarees and Kurtis were captivating.

Times When Revathi Made Us Fall In Love With Her Fashion

Punagai Mannan

A 1986 release, starring Kamal Hassan, Revathi and Rekha as the lead cast, Punagai Mannan was an exceptionally beautiful movie. Revathi dazzles on the screen as Malini, a student who falls in love with her teacher. Almost all of her looks from the movie got a wide appreciation for their freshness and vibrance.

Revathi stunned everyone with her flowy attires, side-swept hairstyle and hushed accessories.

Her minimally traditional looks were equally amazing. This is one of the appreciated looks.

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This Salman Khan-Revathi starter movie (1991) was a huge romantic hit. The beautifully written “Sathiyaa, Yeh Tune Kya Kia” still makes it into the background scores of many daily soaps.

The looks of the lead cast in the movie were widely acclaimed by the youngsters of that time. For eg, her Bishop-sleeved top with a front bow is still a game-changer.

This movie showcased a wide range of Skirt-Top styled looks of Revathi. They got popular as “Love movie” skirts. The looks were very simplistic yet poppy. For example, you can see this cute floral top and a black top combo! Won’t it be a delight to wear this to your college?



A 1986 Mani Ratnam movie. This became a huge success due to its star cast, plot and beautiful songs. This movie was all about minimal style. Simple and light-weight saree, mid-parted hairstyles made a huge commotion.

After this movie, the bangs-hairstyle started being a trend.

High-neck Kurtis also were a trendsetter after this film. Revathi looked dreamy in almost all frames.

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This Telegu movie featuring Venkatesh and Revathi made a good box-office collection. The movie had a spectacular style quotient. From oversized t-shirts to highly blow-dry hairstyles, everything seemed to be perfect in the movie.

Printed tops, tucked-in tees with jeans rose in fashion after this movie.

Times When Revathi Made Us Fall In Love With Her Fashion

Not to forget, the oversized sunglasses trend become quite popular after this film!

2 States

This movie saw Revathi in some of the finest Silk attires. She played Aliya Bhatt’s mother in this movie. To show the South roots, intricately designed Kasavu Sarees, Jasmine flowers, Kumkum Bindi were the major fashion tools used. Needless to say, they worked amazingly!

Times When Revathi Made Us Fall In Love With Her Fashion

The scene where she sings “Sathiya” is a treat to the eyes and ears. She looked gorgeous and elegant during it. So, would it be hyperbole if we say that Radha Swaminathan stole the show? No, right?

Times When Revathi Made Us Fall In Love With Her Fashion

Apart from the movies, her simplistic, public appearances also leave us in awe of her attires. Don’t believe us? See for yourselves!

We don’t want to but have to conclude here and do let us know in the comments if we have missed out on any of your favourite Revathi looks!

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