Exclusive Conversation With Ahaana Krishna About Her Digital Life, Fashion, And A Lot more

Popularly known for her tasteful film projects and impeccable fashion sense, Ahaana has conquered her social game in surprising ways. In pursuit of magic, she leaves no stone unturned in giving us some major style inspiration. In quite a short span of time, Ahaana has created a digital persona, where she can personally connect to her audience.

In this exciting conversation with her about fashion, her digital life and much more, we get to know her better and up closer.

We see a lot of effort put into the theme and aesthetics in your videos and posts on Instagram and YT. How do you plan it?

When I began my Instagram journey, I didn’t pay attention to the overall aesthetics of my feed. But, I would always ensure that every post had a catchy caption. If you notice, almost all my posts have interesting captions.

Another thing about my feed is that it is never cluttered or you know, messy in general. I can’t function without neatness in whatever I do. That’s just not my style. Blame my OCD traits for it, the cleanliness factor IRL is evidently reflected on my social media posts too.

In 2018, at Filmfare, I had a brief encounter with a stylist named Aron, who pointed out some flaws in my social media profile. After that discussion, I understood how I could up my social media game. The suggestions that he gave me and my own love for organised and well-maintained content made my posts the way they are right now. So, thanks, Aron!

Today, my posts are a beautiful combination of calculative and impulsive uploads. I know what it should look like and what I need to post. So, the overall aesthetics always remain alive. For example, I have exactly planned out what the grid should be like and where it needs to start off for my Maldives trip. Planning and organising ahead always work.

The style icon of the year award was well deserved. So tell us, what is fashion to you?

It feels good to be recognised.

This definitely made me happy and also gave me a reason to doll up for the show. Talking about fashion, I do not put a lot of thought into it. I love to wear good and stylish clothes for sure, but that’s that. I don’t take it seriously or make a huge deal out of it.

While attending events, too, I try to wear my Amma’s clothes or anything that’s suitable for the occasion from my wardrobe. And about dressing up, it depends on how I feel. Somedays I feel like dressing up. On other days, it’s just the basics and a minimal low-key look. But irrespective of that, I never forget to carry my confidence along.

And talking about fashion inspiration, I really like how Deepika Padukone carries herself. Also, Aliya Bhatt at times.

How would you describe your fashion sense?


IDK if my fashion sense seems effortless, I really love the whole idea of it. It excites me. Wear whatever you want but look as if you have put zero effort into it. Isn’t it a fascinating fashion style to own?

Social media is a bundle of mixed emotions from people. Sometimes gentle, sometimes merciless. How do you handle the negativity, unnecessary hatred and criticism?

Over the last two-three years, social media has become a platform for various kinds of discussions. Many progressive and thoughtful topics were discussed. And as a part of it, people have become alert, aware and considerate on a tremendous scale.

As a celebrity, it is quite expected that I receive negativity. But I have learnt the art of overlooking them because the amount of positivity that I get is far greater.

And at times, I do feel overwhelmed and sad, but then I always look at the sunny side up. It’s not easy but it does get easier when you know that there is so much love for you out there. As a normal human being, I feel upset on some days but then I just remind myself about the innumerable good things that have come my way through social media.

How do you filter brands that approach you for collaborations?

One thing that you should know about me is that easy money has never attracted me. I have a principle that I follow – Never take up any project just for the sake of money, even if the amount is huge.

There are certain things superior to it from my perspective. My credibility is one of the topmost on the list. Filtering brands is not difficult, given that I am quite clear with my criteria and conditions. Out of all the emails that I receive, I choose brands cautiously.

Brands approaching you could be familiar ones or new ones. I have been fortunate enough to endorse brands which I personally use. Apart from that, for new ones, I ensure that I check their offerings like a normal consumer would. I ask my doubts and get clarification. I also research the products from my end as much as I can. Only then, do I go ahead.

I have a respectable amount of followers but while promoting a brand, why would they buy what I promote? There has to be a reason, right?

Equilibrium needs to be maintained there. My brands should be good enough for the people using them. They should have to trust me to try them out and see the results for themselves. That’s a tricky area to balance. And that’s where my credibility and the quality of the brand which I promote comes into the picture. For transactions to happen, more than likes and comments, the relationship with my followers, their trust in my words, suggestions and recommendations matter.

Speaking of collaborations, there are many small businesses in the fashion sector rising in Kerala. Do you have a personal favourite that our audience should check out?

Actually, I know more small businesses from outside of Kerala. Speaking of clothing brands in Kerala, I really like Jugalbandi. I wouldn’t say that it is a small business as of now because it has really grown into a notable clothing line in Kerala. I really love their clothes for the comfort and style they provide. They have a lot of chic Indian ethnic clothes. My favourite is a cocoon dress from their Kaftan range. I really feel you all should check out their clothes.

As a fashion influencer, what do you consider most while styling an attire or wearing a label?

Well, to be frank, I do not put in much thought into this. Just 3 quick things:

Do I like it?

Is it comfortable?

Do I look good in it?

That sums it up!

Thrifting fashion, what are your thoughts about it?

I think it is a very cool way to buy and sell clothes. As part of different collaborations and endorsements, I have a lot of clothes with me right now. So I don’t feel the need to buy more because that’s not logical given that I already have more than enough with me.

Last year, I did send some of my unused clothes to a store though. Isn’t it a sensible way to use unused clothes? Because hoarding clothes that you no longer use or want to wear doesn’t make any sense. Instead, why not try thrifting? I truly find this useful.

We noticed that you often reuse your mother’s clothes. What’s your favourite item of clothing
from her wardrobe?

My Amma’s fashion sense is quite remarkable and classy. She hoards clothes (which also happens to be one of my inherited traits from her). Personally, I love all of her clothes, but mainly, I have kept aside some of her pretty salwars. A black one in particular. I am waiting for a perfect occasion to flaunt it.

Other than that, her night apparel collections (when she was younger) are also some of my favourites to wear as they are very stylish and comfortable. The best part of it is that they all look good as new.

What made you decide to start vlogging?

I feel that my YouTube journey was one of the most organic things that happened to me.

Back in 2015, when I was in college, I was a visual communication student. And as a part of the course, I uploaded some 30-second videos back then. It wasn’t for a particular reason though. My YouTube channel wasn’t that active initially. So, I had this channel for a long time.

And during the lockdown, I uploaded a dance video with my sisters on my channel. I was really surprised and elated to see the overwhelming response. Soon, I uploaded more such dance videos which were received with equal excitement by the audience. And when the likes, comments and responses started coming in, I developed an interest in this.

Also, if you scroll through my channel, you might see a video which I created to show my childhood clothes and the memories associated with them.

Then, with some random videos that I took during my Maldives trips, I literally tailored a vlog about my entire journey. And yet again the response was encouraging. All of these made me realise how much I love creating content and how patiently I can spend hours editing videos. Felt like a call.

YouTube is a truly remarkable space for budding artists. It gives everyone a fair chance to make an identity for themselves by giving access to a gigantic audience. It also somewhere prepares you to take in healthy criticism and funny trolls.

What are your current fashion obsessions?

My sister Hansika has an amazing fashion sense. She’s killing it in oversized clothes these days. Seeing that, oversized clothes have become my favourites too. Flared jeans with comfy tees look super stylish yet amazingly relaxed and cosy. Nowadays, you’ll see me wearing them a lot. But to be honest, I do feel that a toned body can pull off any kind of clothing which makes working out my current obsession too.

Also, the saree is one of my all-time favourites when it comes to fashionable outfits. Since the time, I came back from the Maldives, cute and adorable swimsuits have also found a special spot in my wardrobe.

One thing about you that our readers would be surprised to know?

Well, I don’t know if this may sound surprising or not, but people generally say that I give out a positive aura. They also say that I come out as a very confident person (I agree with it completely). But what many don’t know is that I am an individual like you all, a normal girl. A girl who might feel insecure, jealous and all that one may feel during their dull-damp days. In a nutshell, I am not a ‘Sugar and spice and everything nice’ always!

How would you describe your followers?

‘Friend’ is the word I would use to describe them. Not fans or followers, but friends.

My equation with them is very informal. That’s why I try to respond to DMs whenever I can. Obviously, it isn’t possible for me to reply to everyone, but I try.

Also, the art of small talk comes to me very naturally. I like to maintain that with them. Annually, at least two times, I manage to conduct fun games and contests for them. I ensure that I send them personalised gifts too, including fresh rambutans from my backyard. I like to see them as friends than some formal followers/fans.

What’s your current favourite piece of clothing that you wouldn’t want your sisters to steal?


I love my white attires. I wouldn’t share any of my white clothes with my sisters. Be it a kurti, salwar or a saree, I AM NOT ready to share it with anybody.

White clothing is not a piece of cake to handle. It is a stressful colour to carry and care for. At times, I myself find it difficult to be in white thinking about not ruining it in any way and that makes my entire white clothes fall under the “Won’t Share” category for my sisters specifically or anyone in general.

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do?

You might be surprised, but it’s pets.

I am really fond of dogs and cats. I really am. They are adorable. But then, I am scared of them too. I do want to be near them, hold them or pet them but I’m too scared. I want to work on that but unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to do so. Hope to change that real soon.

What’s your take on success and failure in life?

Have you ever tried sitting on a Giant Wheel? To me, that explains my success-failure journey the best. One can’t always be at the zenith of their successful life long, can they? These things are inevitable aspects of everyone’s life. So, rather than making a big deal out of it, try to embrace it and make hay while the sun shines. Simple as that.

I also believe that while you are tasting success, it is important to be grateful, helpful and grounded. You never know how your good deeds can come back to you in your dark days. Nothing lasts forever, be it a triumph or failure.

If given a chance, what will you write to younger Ahaana?

I would like to tell her that you are moving in the right direction and to keep going. Wherever you are headed to right now, it will eventually give you happiness, confidence and peace of mind. Keep growing.

There might arise many instances in life where you may lack self-confidence, do stupid blunders and go through a phase of uncertainties but in the end, you are going to reach a good place. The path which you’re taking now is going to be worth the journey for you will reach a beautiful destination in the end. Hold on tight, this ride is gonna be a memorable one.

One of the reasons we approached Ahaana Krishna for this interview was because we saw the effort she puts into creating content on the ‘gram and the tube. She is one of the few Malayalam actors who has proved her mettle in acting and content creation. That has a lot to say about the dedication she puts into the things she loves. We hope this personal interaction with Ahaana Krishna has widened your perception of her and maybe, made a fan out of you.

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