Doodleholic: The Happy Shop For The Inner Child In You

We must all have memories of etching random drawings and doodles on the edge of our notebook pages during a long, boring class in school. While most of us gave it up as the years went by, Anina E. Jacob found her calling through her passion for doodling, much later. Apart from being an architect cum illustrator, Anina is also the proud founder of Doodleholic – a happy lifestyle and stationery brand. 

Buzzed with the high of doodling, Anina recalls being rewarded the name “doodleholic” by her classmates during her school days. Although the years passed by, the name stuck around. The Trivandrum-based brand boasts a variety of products ranging from button badges to desktop calendars filled with fresh and delightful illustrations. 

Her Story

Anina began her journey by taking custom orders as a final year architecture student. Surrounded by people who were passionate about the construction that came with the subject, the young business owner did not feel the same drive towards it. Her sound knowledge in digital art and illustration helped her take up commissioned artworks centred around weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, sparking the realisation of a business opportunity in the near future. All the while, the thought of kick starting Doodleholic churned in the back of her mind. Having worked with a startup company she got a hang of how a business worked. “I could always imagine myself doing a business around being an artist,” says Anina. 

It was during the pandemic that Doodleholic started out as a brand working in full-swing. Anina set up her business with the help of her husband Tony Cyriac, who also actively looks after the logistics and business operations. While 2020 saw the launch of stationery line such as diaries and notebooks, at present Doodleholic offers a wide bunch of products including, memo pads, work diaries, button badges, journals, calendars, and so on. 

Anina’s doodles are largely directed by a sense of nostalgia and food. Inspired by her own past, most of her illustrations feature childhood memories. Appealing doodles of cassettes, film rolls, and tasting amma’s meen curry are all bound to send you down a memory lane.  “I love to illustrate memories- things we grew up through. A lot of people can connect over that as well.”

Since its launch, Doodleholic has had several ventures. Anina set up pop-up shops at the Olam festival and recently at Calicut’s ‘Sundown Bazaar’ as well. Anina has also held doodling workshops for both children and adults. “More than doodling as an artform, I try to get people to get back to doodling as a natural instinct that we all had as kids,” says Anina.  

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What are some of the Customer Favourites? 

The My Lil Work Diary, My Lil Recipe Journal and the button badges are a few of the fast-selling products. 

How Can You Buy from Doodleholic?

You can shop for products online through the website They are also available on Amazon and Flipkart. Products by Doodleholic are accessible offline in bookstores across Trivandrum and Kochi. You can drop a message at the Instagram handle @doodleholicstore.  

Why Should You Buy from Doodleholic?

Doodleholic has a product for every kind of personality. “I ensure that the products make you happy. There are so many negative thoughts inside and around us. We keep it happy and cheerful. We try to do as much as we can to spread that kind of positivity for our customers,” quotes Anina. Head over to the website to grab these happy products for you and your loved ones today!

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