Meet Ashwin Bhaskar, The Genius Behind The Viral ‘Perfect Ok’ Remix

Type “Perfect Ok” on Google and the first result that will pop up is the crazy rendition of the viral dialogue by Ashwin Bhaskar. By now, we all know the famous man behind Perfect Ok, but what’s buzzing in Kerala is Ashwin Bhaskar’s super-addictive mash-up of it. The internet is going bonkers over his musical spin to the Perfect Ok dialogue. So are we.

Ashwin Bhaskar introduces himself as a Singer-Songwriter, Audio Engineer, and Music Producer. A man with such great talent deserves to be in the PinkLungi spotlight, so we got to chat with the 27-year-old music genius who hails from Thenhipalam in Malappuram.

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Ashwin’s tryst with music began at a very young age. He was inspired by Western music back in the day, so much so that he would only listen to Western pop songs on loop. When his friend introduced him to a software to make music, he started developing a passion he never knew existed within him. A ton of research and YouTube searches later, Ashwin self-taught his way into making music on his own using the software. He shared, “I recorded my first ever song cover back when I was doing plus two and uploaded it on YouTube. I didn’t even know to sing properly back then. But my mates were impressed with it. Then I found my passion for this and continued self-learning.”

Like scores of other Malayalis, Ashwin completed his  B.Tech computer science course at the Cochin University College of Engineering, Kuttanad, but he never stopped making music. Pursuing a Diploma in Audio Engineering from the KM Music Conservatory in Chennai opened up an opportunity for him to understand music creation better. As soon as he completed the course, he started working as a freelancer and creating content for his YT channel.

When he first heard the Perfect Ok dialogue, he could immediately catch a rhythm. He said, “For Perfect Ok, I had the rhythm already set in my mind. The way he says, “two and the tan and con and pack” itself had a good rhythm. I began with that and the rest came to my mind automatically!”

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On becoming an overnight sensation with his quirky mashup of the dialogue, and he shared, “I thought that some people might like the video but never thought it would go viral on this level. The responses were awesome and everyone liked it. I had gotten so many messages telling me the work was good and they’re waiting for more.”

Ashwin has the knack for making videos that look great. So we wanted to know if his secret sauce to success lied in the way he made his videos. We know that he has always been inspired by the YouTuber, Peter Mckinnon, who is a cinematographer. But, here’s what he said when we asked him the secret of going viral – “A good quality video and audio never promises the virality of content. While it does add a certain amount of influence, it doesn’t guarantee virality. Virality depends on many factors like what the content includes, is it related to a trending topic, how much people relate to it, how much it favors the YouTube algorithm, etc. We can never predict it.”

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When we heard of Ashwin Bhaskar’s catchy AF song, we couldn’t help but immediately think of the famous Yashraj Mukhate, who also rose to fame overnight with his Rasode video. So, we had to ask Ashwin if he was somehow inspired by Yashraj. And, surprisingly, Ashwin didn’t know that such a guy even existed for quite some time. He said, “I don’t know if anyone would believe this, but I didn’t know who Yashraj was at the beginning. I actually started doing this dialogue mix videos inspired by another YouTuber Mayur Jumani. His work was displayed on one of our news channels and I told my parents that I can also do these kinds of videos and I did my first one to show my dad and mom. They liked it, so I uploaded it. But after that, people started mentioning the name Yashraj so I looked him up. That’s when I saw his videos. I watched all his videos and from that point, I definitely was inspired by his content and tried to give my own taste to that style of content.”

Ashwin Bhaksar aims to become an International Independent Artist. While he thinks it is a far-fetched dream, he knows that it is this fire within him that will always inspire him to become a sensational artist. “Renditions like Perfect OK is something people enjoy very much so I will do more of that, but along with it, I plan on making it big in the Singer-Songwriter space.” So yes, people, we can expect more adipoli songs from Ashwin soon. Who’s excited?

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