Did Your Life Turn Out the Way You Planned?

Did Your Life Turn Out the Way You Planned? – Wait, don’t answer that yet. Hear me out first.

Remember the time when you were a snotty teenager and thought that you will win over the world one day (there’s still time, just saying)? And the times you thought that your parents will never understand the human you are or are becoming and that it would be better off if you were on your own? Sit down mate! So how does it feel to be ‘on your own’ now? How did it feel to plan your life? Hmmm, life sure is a bed of roses, right? This fine day let us contemplate some changes in perspective that we have had over the past few years, shall we?

“Can’t wait to live on my own!” to “Ammene kaananam!” (*sob sob*)’

It was nice to live like Charlie for what, three weeks? Until reality smashed right into your face in the fourth gear. We already know what living alone is really like. You start to miss familiar faces, you miss the fights you loathed, you miss your dog peeing on your bed…okay, maybe not that far, but you do miss the familiar air around your house. Strangely, vacations are now you going home instead of it being the other way round. Though staying at home for more than a couple of weeks starts getting to you, the moment you get back to being on your own, you want to go back home again! The cycle of life, huh?

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Nothing beats school canteen le sambar, uff poli!” to “Hey, the pappadam I made is crispy. Yayy!

Appreciating your little wins. If you haven’t been doing that already, please do. Who else is going to pat you on the back for making a dosa that is round and in one full piece! Growing up, we realised that we can’t always be like the idols we worshipped. We can always be better! (You thought it was some demotivating stuff, eh?). Remember way back, we used to eat out on exam results day, mom used to make biriyani on your birthday or payasam on the day you won your first game. When did we stop celebrating the little wins in life?

“Ammeeee?” to “Alexa find a clean underwear, please!”

Back then, when you forgot to pack that damned geometry box on maths exam day, you could race to the school office and dial home. And poor mom would come to school just so we could draw perfect circles with a radius = 4cm! Now we are too grown up to ask moms for help, yeah? And now, we don’t have the patience to teach them how to put a WhatsApp status or save stickers or initiate a video call because, “Ippo njn korch busy aa, pinne prnjera.”

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“I am going on a solo trip when I’m 20” to Googling for the nearest ‘meen’ market!

Travel plans didn’t seem so expensive when we saw them on TV or read about them in magazines, did they? Cute backpacks – check!, camera – check!, outfits for every day of the trip – check!, money for the trip – errr… All of us didn’t put these dreams behind but most of us here were preoccupied with other priorities that had to be set straight in life at this point. Also, what’s more, luxurious than getting more than 7 hours of sleep every night and what is more joyful than being able to cook a new dish and realise that it is more than just adipoli, why trip and all, why! So overrated!

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“I’m going to be filthy richhh!” to “Can the 7 of us share a 2 BHK? Hell yeah, the bathroom also has space for a bed da!”

Rich polum! What were we even thinking? Serves me right for thinking that Richie Rich had it all sorted in his life! Where was the endless tsunami of current bills, wifi bills, rent, mess bills, insurance, grocery, and the rest in all these fantastical scenarios? But I guess, we were partly true. Thinking about it in a philosophical way (because there is no other way), you are now rich in experiences, learnings and good friends! If that made you feel any better, good for you! (*goes to a corner to cry*)

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This is definitely not an exhaustive list! We are sure you have tons to add to this. So go ahead and tell us how things have changed from the beginning of your 20s to wherever you are now! Did your life turn out the way you planned?

Aashna Praveen
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